Onshape CAD | Four technical surface modeling tips to wax! Industrial Design

The people at Onshape brought out a ton of resource material across all categories. I’m especially excited about the increase in published content related to interface creation. For example, two new surface courses recently went live on the internet Learning center. If learning Onshape is on your bucket list, I recommend you jump over there and take a look. You currently have six Learning path courses choose from. Each path is designed to help you lay a solid foundation and grow in the long run.

However, if you are looking for tasty yummy bites, turn your attention to the Onshape Tech Tips page. There you will find quick tips designed to entice and motivate you to further explore modeling in Onshape.

I’ve worked out four tech tips for surfacing to get us into the weekend. So if you want to build muscle related to the surface, click on any of the links below!

Until next time, keep learning!

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