Take a deep breath of Igor Goldkind and Frederic Iriarte Writing

Take a deep breath of Igor Goldkind and Frederic Iriarte

The cure for Pandemania is here!

An album of originally spoken contemporary poetry and music

– make sense where nothing else does –

Original poetry by Igor Goldkind
Music by Frederic Iriarte and Igor Boyko

Starts September 5th at the 2020 International Beat Poetry Festival (Usually in Boston, now practically everywhere!)

The festival will stream 3 original music videos from the album for the first time.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH Is is only available for download Tape bearings

9 tracks, 40 minutes, $ 18.00 $ 15 EU

Original words, music, video and antidotes for living with uncertainty

Internationally renowned visual artist and producer Frederic Iriarte and American poet Igor Goldkind collaborated on 9 original tracks of musical interpretations based on Igor Goldkind’s upcoming poetry collection, which also bears the title TAKE A DEEP BREATH.
The 9-track album will be released as a complete work at this year’s International Beat Poetry Festival and will be available for download at midnight next year Saturday 5th September.

This unique multimedia work was written and produced in Stockholm, San Diego and Moscow during the pandemic. It is intended as an artistic attempt to help us live with uncertainty and survive life in disasters.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH is the most important piece of spoken word art to arrive at exactly the right time: exactly when we all need it most! ”
– Henry Rollins

TAKE A DEEP BREATH and leave your comfort zone.
Just don’t look down.

2020 was a year of social, economic and psychological upheaval. The human had to adapt to drastically changing circumstances without warning and without any certainty about the results.

We are challenged as a species to adapt.
Adjustment is our breed, but it is also painful and exhausting.
TAKE A DEEP BREATH is a travel guide: a break for a moment of reflection. Take a break from the panic and get a clear picture of where we are as individuals, as a people, and as a species.

Covid-19 has literally attacked our humanity, but has done us the service of remembering our common humanity, our common mutual vulnerability. These are hard lessons to learn and uncomfortable changes that we must make in order to survive. TAKE A DEEP BREATH is a break in the dark and a chance to regain our strength and resilience for all.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH is a step backwards in times when poetry and music were used and valued as tools for contemplation, meditation and reflection on the most important factor in our lives. Now that we are faced with multiple disasters and overwhelmed, it is time to return to using poetry for what it was designed to do:

Reflection, meditation, contemplation
Self healing and recovery

We will survive.

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