Have you lost your car keys and don’t have a backup? Home Staging

Almost every driver has lost their car key at some point in their life, and not everyone has a backup key on hand. The situation may feel bad, but it’s not as bad as drivers might think. Read on to find out what to do to unlock the car and get back behind the wheel.

Check the immediate area

It is important to stay calm and make sure that the key is actually lost before taking any other action. It is common for drivers to misplace their keys and then write them away as permanent if they haven’t taken the time to look for them. Before you call a locksmith like Action lock DocCheck the immediate area and ask a friend or family member to do the same.

Check the vehicle

If the keys are not in the house, office, or any other place where the drivers were without keys, it is time to check the car. One of the main causes of lockouts is locking the keys in the car. It’s not a big deal. Just call a locksmith to unlock the car and get the keys. It won’t cost much and will get drivers back on the road almost instantly.

Have the key replaced

If the keys are really lost and never found, drivers will have to have them replaced. The procedure for doing this differs depending on the vehicle. For older cars, locksmiths can make replacement keys that don’t need to be reprogrammed.

Newer model cars have more complicated keys, which can make the replacement process difficult. Key chain or transponders often have to be replaced by the dealer, which can cost a lot of money. Replacing modern keys can cost hundreds of dollars.

Gather information before calling a locksmith or dealer

Whether they call a locksmith or drive to the dealer, drivers need to gather certain information to prove they own the car and to ensure that the person replacing it can make the correct key. First, write down the make, model and year of manufacture of the vehicle and determine what it is Chassis number. You can find this information in the driver’s registration documents. If these documents are kept in the glove box, as is so often the case, drivers can also check their insurance cards or car titles.

Can’t find the title, registration or insurance card? A skilled locksmith should be able to take a look at the lock and determine what type of key is required to open it. Expect to provide personal information proving vehicle ownership or contact the vehicle owner for permission to exchange the key. A reputable locksmith will never make a replacement key for someone who cannot prove they have permission to access the vehicle.

Request a backup copy

Whether the key just needs to be retrieved from inside the vehicle or a new one needs to be made to replace a lost key, drivers should definitely request a backup. Well worth the extra money. Just make sure it is kept in a safe but easy to find place.

The bottom line

Getting locked out of a vehicle isn’t the end of the world. Trained locksmiths can help drivers access keys locked in their car or replace lost traditional keys for minimal amounts of money. Drivers with newer vehicles may need to contact the dealer for a key replacement.

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