Education for media competence Outline of the media education concept in Waldorf education – platform for lifelong learning Adult Education

The stated goal of Waldorf Education is to help children cope with the demands of modern life after they graduate from school – and this necessarily includes developing media literacy. Upon leaving school, all students should be able to properly use all types of media for their own education and understand exactly how media are technically structured and how they work. You should therefore develop skills related to the use of educational media through theoretical and, above all, practical media education.

With this goal, Waldorf education should meet the current requirements of modern times. The decisive difference to other pedagogical views lies solely in the method of how the educational goal of “media literacy” can be achieved.

In its educational concept, Waldorf education is explicitly oriented towards the developmental steps that children undertake from birth to adulthood in three main developmental stages of around seven years each.

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