Desserts – Dairy Free Mini Pecan Pies – Melonie by Grace SINGLE MOM

Today’s post marks my final installment of my dairy-free dessert review this week. My hope in sharing these recipes is to help you avoid milk proteins while still enjoying delicious food. As a mother of two babies who have dealt with milk protein allergies, I know that trying to avoid dairy products while breastfeeding can be a little daunting. I’ve been breastfeeding for about six months and I’ve found my transition to be much more informed than 8 (!) Years ago when I breastfed Raegan. I hope the tips I shared in Part 1, the dairy-free alternatives in Part 2, and the evening classes shared in Part 3 have helped you on your own dairy-free journey.

My final dessert recipe is dairy-free mini pecan tarts! I consider these my pride and joy as my friends and family rave about them every time I do them. I have received great compliments not only from my husband, a Louisiana born and raised man and foodie, but also from all of our loved ones in Louisiana. Given that these people grew up eating good pecan cakes, I think that’s the highest compliment.

These compliments are usually done right when I serve them, in the middle of a family gathering, to celebrate or even mourn. When we’re gathered together for a nice meal and those little pecan tarts, it’s when my heart is full. As such, it has become synonymous with family – this recipe was adapted to my tastes and has now become my family recipe.

The adjustment revolves around two interesting ingredients: non-dairy butter and olive oil. You work wonderfully. I also want to point out that the nice thing about these cupcakes is that you can enjoy good convenience while doing portion control. These cakes are mini, but their taste is generous.


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