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How can one student go to college at the same time? With the Bridgeway Academy’s dual enrollment programs! OK, so your high schooler isn’t going to be moving out of the house just yet, but he or she will definitely have a head start on college if he goes to double enrollment.

What does double enrollment include?
We offer two separate dual enrollment programs, each from the perspective of a Christian life and a Christian worldview. Not only will this give your child a quality education, but it will also create a solid foundation of values ​​as they prepare for college.

  • College Now !: This is a fully supported homeschool program that spans an entire school year and includes eight courses. College now! allows students to earn high school and college credits at the same time! This package provides full enrollment in our homeschool academy and comes with accreditation, support and credentials.
  • Associate Degree: While doing this program, some similarities with College Now! – like full enrollment in our academy, accreditation, and full support – the associate degree program enables students to graduate from high school with an associate’s degree through partnership Ohio Christian University. Talk about a leg up!

The Benefits of College Now!
Think back to when you were in high school. How cool would it have been to earn college credits and take tuition from a college professor before you even got into college?!? This is exactly what your child can experience with College Now! Your student can choose up to eight courses from more than 40 choices – a full year of college tuition. What is even more attractive is that you can combine courses. When your student is ready, they can opt for any college-level course. If they prefer to ramp up gradually, they can take a combination of high school and college classes.

One of the best parts of College Now! The program is that you and your child do not have to decide alone. You will have the help of a seasoned academic advisor through Bridgeway Academy year round, and your advisor will be with you every step of the way, making sure your student meets both high school and college requirements. Not to mention, you even have another advisor at the college who helps the more advanced academics!

College now! also offers the advantage of flexibility. Classes start six times during the school year, so your child can immerse themselves immediately or take classes gradually throughout the year.

The Benefits of the Associate Degree Program
If you have a highly motivated student, the associate degree program is the perfect opportunity for him or her to jump into college. Students take a total of 10 or 11 college-level courses in their junior and senior years, enrolling in multiple classes simultaneously in an eight-week format or one semester. Each of these courses counts as three college credits and one high school credit.

If your child persists in this program, they will also earn an Associate of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Ohio Christian University by the time they graduate from high school! How many high school graduates can boast of this in their college applications?

The Associate Degree Program offers the same benefits as College Now !, including a dedicated academic advisor, instruction from college professors, accreditation, and more – plus the 10 or 11 college-level courses and the award-winning post-graduate associate degree.

Regardless of which program you and your student choose, double enrollment is the perfect way for your child to stand out from the crowd in the eyes of admissions officers. After all, when an admissions department has to decide between a student with a good high school track record and one with a credential full of recent college courses – and even with a degree! – Who do you think the school will choose?

Double enrollment helps students prepare for success and gives them an edge in applying to the college of their dreams while pursuing the career of their dreams. You just can’t put a price on the experience a program like this offers students and it will pay off when your program is ready for college.

If you think your high school student is ready for the college challenge, sign up for double enrollment today. For more information on how double enrollment can make your student succeed, please click here to get our free download: How Double Enrollment Can Benefit Your Child. or call us (800) 863-1474.

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