Avatars – their usefulness Buddhism

There are many people who have difficulty with the concepts of your true Buddha nature or your true Buddha self. These are abstract concepts; While you can define their qualities, they don’t seem to have much relationship with ourselves as we know ourselves.

Since the ability to connect with your true Buddha nature, your true self, is vital to ending your suffering, this is a major barrier. There are two ways to make this abstract concept tangible.

One knows that your true Buddha nature is your heart, your unharmed heart before the trauma. This is something most people can take care of. In general discourse, the heart is often referred to as the source of purity, innocence, and joy.

Another way to make it tangible is through an avatar. For me it was the photo of me as a toddler that came to mind one day while meditating and I knew immediately that this was my true Buddha self. Whenever I refer to my true Buddha self in my mantras, I am visualizing this toddler.

The reason this avatar works so well is because it is is Myself, at a very young age, and the photo projects the inner qualities that I associate with my true Buddha-self, my invulnerable heart … love, light, faith, trust, compassion, humility, gratitude, joy and contentment. As you’d expect for a photo of a toddler, the qualities of strength, courage, and wisdom that are also part of my true Buddha-self are snotty in this photo.

.It has something to do with a real photo of me as an innocent, wounded being that makes connecting with my true Buddha-self much easier. I would therefore like to encourage you to look for such an avatar for yourself. If you don’t have photos of you as a toddler, try recalling pictures of you as a toddler.

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