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I was asked again today why, as a Christian, I vote like me.

I’m not going to try to convince you to choose the way I do, but I can tell you why.

There are two basic interpretations of the world that have (loosely) broken up into two national parties. Neither is perfect: Neither is “God’s party”, but the distance between the two is powerful and deserves a bit of history.

The current lockdown and riot is a general strike, as practiced hundreds of times in American history by the Democrats, generally alongside violent riots.

The current lockdown is a general strike, as practiced hundreds of times by Democrats in American history, generally alongside violence and civil unrest. It’s a shock to the people to find out that this was a preferred way for the Democrats to make policy changes without a proper process, but do a few searches and you’ll be satisfied it’s true. This instrument of conquest has been used time and again throughout our nation’s history, often resulting in economic collapse and provoking war.

In theory, the people will not revolt and overthrow the government unless the economy is shut down by strike and violence. You have to be hungry and fearful, and so businesses that are destroyed are both approved at the same time.

We all feel bad when Democrats burn down family businesses, but it’s critical to their method. Businesses create wealth, and wealth gives individuals independence from the state. The intent can range from scientific oligarchy to agrarian utopia, but the means are the same: systemic breakdown.

These remedies were widely used in the days of Stalin (in the US) and were still incredibly popular in the 1960s. Burn things down, blow things up, kill people, wake up, force change.

The American people, especially as manifested in Republican party politics for 160 years, have avoided the breakup of the nation and the abolition of individual and personal rights. These rights are inadmissible for a truly anarcho-socialist utopian revolution.

As everyone knows, these revolutions, these governance principles don’t work. They don’t work because in reality they are just another form of monarchy and totalitarianism. (Ultimately, they want a cultic heresy, a religious community wrapped in the language of sharing and equality when in truth it demands universal servitude to a centralized power.)

In the end, the American people, not the government, put an end to this. We as a people were simply never crazy enough to drink the poisoned cool aid and give up being free people for the Reich or the Soviets.

The Nazis (nationalist socialists) and communists are theoretically only a few inches apart (currently available in the form of ANTIFA and a hundred splintered, supportive factions), but the two have always been at war because both want to rule the people after the revolution. (Sometimes fights between groups aren’t ideological; it’s all about who becomes king when the blood is dry.)

In the United States, both were incorporated into the Democratic Party for political reasons. They just don’t have the numbers to operate as different political parties or groups.

They had always been sympathetic movements, but until then civil rights issues had kept them apart. Republicans were for civil rights but strongly against communism, socialism and encroachments on constitutionally protected freedoms. After the democratic parties that wanted to maintain segregation and Jim Crow’s laws failed, the socialist and communist movements were incorporated into the historic party. Contemporary examples are Bernie Sanders, AOC and the Troop.

The Democratic Party is the party of slavery (agrarian socialism), the party of segregation, the party against civil rights and against the free market economy. The party that worships the learning of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome as opposed to Christian civilization as ideal.

After the Democratic Party sided with the Republicans during the civil rights movement in the early 1960s, it forced the Democrats to take in Social Liberals and Progressives in an attempt to save the party.

African Americans had consistently voted Republicans up to that point. The shift took place during this period as the nation’s ideology was moving toward viewing the economic divide between business and labor as final for politics in general, which was never true.

Reagan, of course, was the answer to this shifting democratic synthesis that came in the form of Jimmy Carter: a southern, Baptist, socialist, progressive, liberal peanut farmer who nearly destroyed the country.

Reagan, a Republican, Presbyterian, free-market, anti-racist, sociable, speech, law, and order governor from California was the answer to Carter’s socialist ideals.

The Reagan era was an era of remembrance. Remembering the real history of the country and confronting the false narratives of the left.

The Republican Party has not changed significantly in any of its fundamental policies in 160 years: anti-slavery, anti-racism, freedom of the person, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, a free market, strong corporations for a happy and prosperous people (such a thing can actually planned) that protects the church as a useful institution, strong national defense, strong law and order at the local level (to support the market and thus the general well-being and personal prosperity of the people), scientific progress in the Business services, opportunities for personal advancement, strong and protected families with intact parental rights, and a civil society conducive to these ends.

The Democratic Party today does not support the Jim Crow laws they created, but it does support many revised segregation policies, especially in universities. For example, separate dorms are back and supported by Democratic colleges, judges, and lawmakers. It works within the current democratic confederation of socialists, LGBTQ, communists and anarchists because the basic worldview, the most basic assumptions about people and the world are still the same.

Therefore, abortion is the fundamental fulcrum that holds the entire political Frankenstein together.

Without abortion rights, the entire monstrosity would fall apart.

Without the devaluation of human life and the government protected right to violently kill the weakest and most vulnerable among us, there would be no such party.

It’s what holds them all together.

Why do so many Biden electoral Democrats hate Pelosi and Shumer? Because along with Biden they are the old pre-merger Democrats who still have a certain fascination with traditional Americanism.

It is still the party where people can unite against the lives of innocent children, the integrity of the nuclear family, against God and the land, to end human trafficking through its legitimacy, the tacit approval of the opioid epidemic that is destroying our children and they funded, to protect the police, but then to take away the weapons we use to protect the weak and innocent, the encouragement of street violence as a means of advancing their agenda, a common fear that every human being of his own Must have neighbors because the social environment created by their politics creates a provocation for division and aggression.

Be very clear, abortion is justified today in the heart of the Democratic Party in the same vein as American slavery. The only thing that has changed is the object of their dehumanization and predatory behavior.

Ancient America had slave states and free states. The free states and the people in those states never owned or permitted slavery. Their thinking was different and so their laws were different. Our thinking must be different now.

Ultimately, I think on the most important points – both parties have remained largely the same, one of them in a tragic way.


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