Old Door Obsession | Centsational style DIY

I looked back through my travel photos and noticed a pattern: Old world or old wooden doors always keep me on my tracks. Could it be what they represent? A portal to a new place I’ve never been? A suggestion that something mysterious and wonderful is just behind it? Or is it just their craftsmanship that I admire?

These are just a few of my favorites that I have photographed on my travels. I am drawn to any door that has signs of age, character, and history. They are made of solid wood and you know that it took some craftsmen a lot of work to make and install.

Are you the same. Are you holding a beautiful old door open too?

I’ve turned some of my doors and arches into art prints. I’ve added a new collection to it Art shop called Portals for this topic.

These are some of the latest additions (more prints in the shop).

Sun-coated stucco to press

Palm Springs doors Prints – set of 4

Casa patina to press

I am now accepting submissions for the art shop! If you have a fantastic, high quality photo that you took on your travels that could make a good art print, then all of the contributing artists will receive a percentage of the sales.

I want to expand the Coastal Collection, everyone loves a great beach picture! I’m also looking for lighter images for the City Scenes collection and to add more images to the Architectural and Black + White collections. Check out the existing collections in the Art shop and if you have a high resolution image (3000px +) that fits nicely please send it to [email protected] for testing. License agreement included. 🙂 🙂

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Brick and cross fill stitch Embroidery

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