NIA files indictments against 5 defendants charged in connection with ISIS’s Khorasan module Hinduism

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Wednesday filed a charge against five people for alleged links with the banned Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP), a member of ISIS. They have been accused of plotting to create dissatisfaction with the government, to promote hostility between different religious groups, and to engage in subversive activities.

The charge sheet includes 36-year-old Jahanzaib Sami with multiple names including Dawood Ibrahim, Xaib, Abu Muhammed Al-Hind and Abu Abdulla, who is from Srinagar. Other people who have brought charges include Kashmiri Hina Bashir; Abdullah Basith, a resident of Hyderabad; and Sadiya Anwar Shaikh and Nabeel Siddick Khatri, both from Pune.

According to reports, Jahanzaib, Hina, Abdullah Basith and Sadiya were in constant contact with ISIS terrorists in Khorasan Province and Syria. Jahanzaib and Basith, following the instructions of ISKP chief Abu Usman-Al-Kashmiri, had prepared a magazine entitled “Voice of Hind” to stimulate Muslims.

It was also found that Jahanzaib, Hina, Abdullah Basith and Sadiya planned to use anti-CAA protests to incite Muslims against the Indian government by developing new inflammatory slogans and using graffiti in public places. They had planned to highlight the same on social and international media.

The investigation into the matter found that Defendants Jahanzaib, Hina, Abdullah Basith and Nabeel Siddick were trying to create an impromptu IED and planning to carry out widespread murders in crowded places in order to block the activities and ideology of ISIS / ISKP in India spread.

Arrested members of the Khorasan wing of the Islamic State wanted to repeat the Colombo terrorist attack in Delhi

In early March, the Delhi Intelligence Office and police had uncovered a massive conspiracy to recreate the Colombo-style jihadist attacks in Delhi by an Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) module after two members of the group were arrested. The arrested members Hina Bashir Beigh and Jahanzaib Sami planned to obtain an effective chemical triacetone triperoxide (TATP) for this purpose. The chemical is called the “mother of death” by the terrorists of the Islamic state.

Two other members of the terror module – Sadiya and Nabeel Siddick Khatri – were arrested a few months later, in July. According to the NIA, Sadiya was in constant contact with a Kashmiri couple – Jahanzaib Sami & Hina Bashir Beigh, who had previously been arrested, and an inmate at Tihar Prison, Abdullah Basith – via secure messaging applications for ways to promote the ideology and Discuss ISIS activities on how to spread ISIS ideology and promote its activities in India.

The leading investigative agency had also said that Nabeel Khatri was an active co-conspirator of Jahanzeb Sami and Abdullah Basith in carrying out violent terrorist attacks in India by providing logistical support such as the procurement of weapons, counterfeit SIM cards and the assembly of improvised explosive devices ( IED) etc. to spread ISIS activities in the country.

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