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Brown wooden floorDo you have hardwood floors all over your home? You may have had them for a while and notice a few small dents here and there. Instead of swapping out all of your floors, here are some tips on how you can remove the dents yourself without spending too much time or money.

Dampen dent from the forest

It might sound a little crazy, but did you know you can use an iron to remove dents from wooden floors? It’s actually pretty easy! All you need for this trick is an iron, paper towel, and some water.

First, fill the dent with a little water. Once that’s done, cover it with a paper towel. Next, turn your iron on the highest setting. Once your iron has warmed up enough, hold it over the dent and make small circular motions that go back and forth over the dent. You should continue to do this, using even and firm pressure, until the paper towel is dry.

You should start seeing the wood fibers absorb the water and expand to fill the dent, bringing the fibers back to their original location. Do the same technique until the dent is flush with the rest of the floor.

Finish it off with a light sanding process and your floor should look as good as new!


If your dent is smaller, marker pens can be fixed quickly and easily. These are also easy to find. Check your local hardware store, big box store, or even online. All you have to do is make sure that you buy a marker pen that is as close as possible to the color of your wood floor. A good hack is to take a picture of your floor and use it as a reference when choosing the color.

Wood filler

Wood filler is a great option for larger dents. You can pick up some wood fillers like DAP’s plastic wood fillers at your local hardware store. Once the dent is filled in and sanded down, you’ll need to repaint the area with the same stain that was used on your hardwood floors.

Once you’re done, you’ll want to finish the entire surface so everything looks the same.

Wood putty

Wood putty is another option for those larger dents. A wood putty that works well is DAP’s plastic wood putty. The great thing about this option is that it has a waxy consistency that makes it easy to press into dents and rub off any excess material.

However, unlike wooden spatulas, wood filler does not accept stains. You need to take this into account so that you can mix the premixed stain into your wood putty. You can skip applying the finish as the wood filler already has a sheen.

And there you have it! A Few Simple Ways To Repair Dents In Your Wooden Floor. Of course, if none of these methods work on your floor or you are not comfortable doing the repairs yourself, you can always turn to a professional.

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