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I’m giving away a SAMPLER of our LETTER A Pack of ours ALPHABET CURRICULUM which was released yesterday and is currently on SALE!

The ALPHABET CURRICULUM contains Thousands from sides and above Over 30 hands-on activities for each letter of the alphabett! this is that ULTIMATE BUNDLEand everything you need to learn the alphabet is in this pack.

This learning material is a love work dedicated to all MUSY & WORK FROM HOME mothers and fathers (and teachers too!) Who are forced to do homeschooling while at work!

The following is to be expected —>

  • Over 30 hands-on activities for each letter of the alphabet
  • Easy prep to no prep.
  • Ink saver. Most activities are done in black and white or blackline versions to save ink or to color activities.
  • Each letter contains approximately 6 to 8 sample objects. These are common objects that children can easily name and identify.
  • Includes activities aimed at letter identification, letter formation, fine motor skills, basic math skills, colors, etc.

As a preview, I’ll give you an idea of ​​what you will get after purchasing the bundle. Note that these are just a few of the activities included. You can download a SAMPLER of our Letter A materials for free by subscribing to our newsletter and accessing our exclusive freebies.

Introduce the letter

Letter identification

Letter formation

Sound games

Fine motor skills

Thematic activity centers

Save over $ 100 !! Note that this is a limited time offer. This EXTREMELY DISCOUNTED bundle is only suitable for 5 DAYS AND SALE ENDS ON SUNDAY.

See if you buy this product or not, I hope you and your kids enjoy this printable giveaway.

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