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According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of AmericaAnxiety disorders affect approximately 40 million people over the age of 18 in the United States. Although these disorders are highly treatable, only 36.9% of those affected seek treatment. Perhaps this is because of a busy schedule or a lack of insurance, which leads to so many people suffering from tacit fear.

However, there are tried and tested strategies that don’t cost a penny and take little time. In fact, you can use one of the following strategies during your lunch or coffee break. Here are some ways to reduce your anxiety:

Take a deep breath

According to a study by the Emergency Medicine Journal30% of people who go to the emergency room with symptoms of chest pain and no evidence of coronary artery disease actually have a panic attack. Why is it so common?

When we’re stressed or anxious, we tend to breathe too much or too little. This can lead to dizziness and hyperventilation. Deep breathing is a powerful way to gain control over your breath and response to a panic attack. Studies show that slow, deep breathing calms our nervous system and increases brain activity. And you feel a calm over you almost immediately. Try it.

Try to listen to meditation

One way to get your mind to calm down is to meditate. And one of the easiest ways to meditate is to practice listening meditation. That’s it Sounds to like. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and listen to the sounds around you in the room. What do you hear? Humming lights? A fan? Someone cough? Birds outside? A lawnmower? Just be aware of all the sounds and try to expand that awareness to hear as much as possible. This form of meditation is fun and effective because it is impossible to listen, really listen, and think at the same time.

To go for a walk

Nervous energy has to go somewhere – it has to be burned. A 15-minute walk around the block can be a great way to get rid of this energy while breathing deeply. As a bonus, your body releases feel-good chemicals like endorphins when you exercise.

Don’t drink coffee

Yes, I ask you not to drink coffee during your coffee break. Or soda. Caffeine and sugar can make anxiety worse by making us nervous and nervous. You’re much better off sticking with water.

Hope you will try these anxiety control strategies. If you feel that they are not helping as much as you need and you want to speak to someone, please get in touch. I would love to speak to you about treatment options.

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