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We still spend a lot of time at home these days … it goes on … and there is no end in sight. You may be longing for a place to “escape” in your own garden! Working from home (and now school from home) can be psychological stress, and spending time outdoors has been shown to be good for the mind and spirit. Even if you don’t need a vanishing point, you can still look out the window at your outside space, right?

And with the fall season approaching, you may want to spend more time outdoors. Temperatures will be comfortable very soon!

There’s no reason your patio areas can’t be as beautiful as your interiors!

It is so important to surround yourself with beauty and things that you love.

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Whether you have a large garden, a small terrace or an apartment balcony, you can turn your outside space into a place where you enjoy spending time. No matter how big or small your outdoor area is, with a little inspiration you can easily transform a balcony or terrace into a space that suits your individual needs and desires. Below I’ll share a few Balcony garden ideas, along with visual inspiration from Housing guideto help you create your outdoor paradise. It’s worth noting that these ideas can also be used for patios, patios, and porches – regardless of your outdoor space. Also worth mentioning: take care of your plants! They are living beings!

Time to get inspired and create beauty OUTSIDE our houses as well as INSIDE!

Neighbors a little too close? Create your own private oasis

Some of you live in town – maybe in a high-rise in the Gulch area here in Nashville, or some other apartment in town – and your outside space is just a balcony to “escape” to. Some of you live in a neighborhood where the houses are close together. If you live in a place where your neighbors are essentially right above you, you may be craving more privacy. Using plants is a great way to build a wall. A Life Wall that is! You can build a beautiful vertical garden with one Grid or by adding large planters. To make your private space comfortable, consider adding cozy furniture and mood lighting. Fairy lights are one of my favorite methods to create ambience and moods of privacy and comfort.

Small space & balcony garden ideas

Even if your outside space is small, you can turn it into a plant-filled, easy-to-use hangout. Use the railing and surrounding walls to hang planters instead of placing them on the ground. If you want to add furniture, choose items that can be used in different ways or easily stored. For example, installing a collapsible table on your railing can be a great way to make alfresco dining easier. If you want more space to relax, you can simply fold the table!

Dog-friendly balcony or deck ideas

We love our dogs, don’t we? Our pets are like family! If you are like most people, you want to do everything possible to make your dog as comfortable and happy as possible. Therefore, you should consider his wants and needs when making changes to your space. You can add furniture for the dog to lounge on as well (or you can wash easily), and you can even install lawn to give your area a grassy feel. Most importantly, you make sure that all of the plants you add to your outdoor space are in place non-toxic to dogs.

Our dogs also need their place!

{Side note: There are now many ways for pets to live happily INDOOR. So hire me when you choose new couches, chairs, and rugs so your kids and pets are as excited as you are about your new purchases!}

Environmentally friendly ideas for balconies and terrace gardens

There are many ways to make lasting changes to your outdoor area. Instead of buying new furniture, try to reuse what you already have. This helps to save resources and prevent additional items from ending up in the landfill. You can also plant herbs and vegetables for access to healthy, fresh foods! Tomatoes are great container vegetables, read Here for tip! Add a compost so you can make your own fertilizer for your new garden.

Environmentally friendly ways to use your balcony or terrace.

Lights, plants, places to curl up and enjoy a drink or read a book. When you are with those you love, these are all part of your life and should be part of your outdoor design. Your home should reflect you – your history, your family, your values, the people and places you love and should always be FUNCTION for you and your way of life! I love doing this for my clients! If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just don’t know how to bring it together, let me help you create your own sanctuary! [email protected]

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