Helping your employees return to work during the pandemic INSURANCE

How to help your employees get back to work while COVID-19 is still active

If your employees have been working from home for some time, thank you COVID-19, Transition back to the office could be hard for her. With so many things happening and so much to consider, resuming activities in the office creates some stress. Support your employees During this time they will help you through this challenging phase and will deeply appreciate it.

Here are some ideas on how you can show your support during this time of change.

Offer childcare options

Many parents struggle to balance office work, housework and their children’s needs as most daycare and schools are currently closed. This makes it harder to get back to work for those of your employees who are parents.

The best approach is to offer your employees a flexible work schedule so that they can more easily adjust to this transition. Coming to work early or later could help resolve common morning problems. Working in the office only part of the day could also be an option.

In addition, you may want to offer virtual childcare. Virtual babysitting services can give your employees some breathing space at certain times of the day, especially during the busiest hours.

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Promote hygiene and distancing protocols

Reminding your team to follow all recommended hygiene protocols, as well as social distancing guidelines, is a good thing to take care of. Following these instructions should become a matter of course for everyone in your office. It will help you feel safe and comfortable.

Provide a home office allowance

Setting up a well-equipped home office takes a lot of effort, time and money. Give your employees the opportunity to take care of the basics of their work area at home. This can help them cover things like an ergonomic chair, headset, or webcam. The ideal is to pay for the software or service they may need, such as: B. Cloud storage.

Support mental health

The pandemic is affecting everyone’s mental health. It can cause anxiety, trouble sleeping, and many other things. Offering mental and emotional support doesn’t just show that you care. It helps your employees cope with their situations, feel healthier and even affect their productivity. You can hire a specialist in psychology or counseling that your employees can contact if necessary, or use apps like Headspace, which focuses on meditation and sleep exercises to help your staff relax.

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