Do it again … No Spend September PERSONAL FINANCE

of hope

Our August without spending went wonderfully and I am delighted with the amount paid on debt. Now that we’ve settled into our school routine, met our challenging meal / meal requirements and schedules, and have another uneventful month ahead of us …

We’ll do another month without spending from tomorrow

First, I have to fill up our closets as we’ve actually used up most of my supplies.

What’s going on this month?

Those months with no expenses are not too difficult when I look at the monthly calendar. So timing is definitely everything when it comes to making them succeed.

  • The children only have one day of school for Labor Day.
  • It’s my mother’s birthday month, but we actually sent her gifts with my father’s.
  • As I begin planning the holidays, Christmas specifically, and getting my gifts ready for the Texas family to take with me on Thanksgiving, I don’t have to buy anything right now. And this month of no expenses gives me time to think about it so I can create and / or buy and package them all next month.

With that in mind, it’s the perfect time to have another month without spending.

That is my attitude these days. I have definitely taken on the bloom where you have planted mentality and created a home and a life that I love here.

Kid update

There are many things in children’s lives.

Story buff

History Buff faces some of his early adult disappointments. His full-time job turned down his most recent vacation requests. (He hasn’t asked for a day off since February.) They turned down his request for a long weekend in October so he can’t go on our short family outing. (It was supposed to be for the state fair, but since this has been canceled, we’re thinking of ideas for a short three-day excursion.)

His request for our Thanksgiving trip to Texas was also denied. He’s more than a little upset about it. He has one more request to visit his girlfriend in Virginia for her birthday this fall. We shall see how it works.

Otherwise, he still lives at home, works and plays video games … that’s his whole life.


Sea Cadet will be back on its feet this month. He has taken on full-time shifts from his part-time job at an EMT for our local county. He had his interview for the firefighter / EMT in a county but hasn’t heard from it.

When he is not working, he continues to take courses from GEMA and other fire stations. He finished his HazMat training last month.

He is considering joining the National Guard. And makes noise about going back to school but hasn’t taken any steps in that direction.


Beauty has completed her schedule for her senior year. And she continues to work 4-5 shifts a week at the local cafe. We’re going to sit down with her cosmetics teacher this week to create a postgraduate plan based on what she needs to get her cosmetics license and what education she needs to pursue a career in hair.


Princess flies through the school. She really does get a taste of what college will be like when she is only in high school 2 days a week. (Her sweat class is any, but it’s only 2 hours and there is never any homework.) She loves and excels at her job.

She took part in the SAT last weekend. Her ACT score was great, but she wasn’t satisfied and wanted to try this other test. In just a few weeks she will be applying for college. I’m pretty sure she’ll get into her top choice school, but she picked a couple of backups too.

Right now there are plans to drive past her other two options on our long weekend in October so she can see them. She did the virtual tours online. But I’m relatively sure that she will go to her first choice school. We visited it last year and although it took her a while to warm up, I think she’s pretty excited about it.


The gymnast has settled into his private life again here in GA. We finally got him a bed last week. It was purchased in July but has just arrived due to delays related to COVID. He enjoys being the “new kid” in school. And is working hard to start his own business. We will see!

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