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This plant and all its varieties make my heart sing! Last year I planted on my patio in the middle of summer and in the fall it was big and beautiful. This year I planted it in late spring and loved it all season. I love that the colors take us straight into autumn.


These are other favorites. Last year I planted them to grow over my arch, and this year I decided to plant them to grow as well and cover the handrail on the house. I love it so much! They attract hummingbirds and every now and then I see one while I’m either sitting outside or still inside. It’s a much closer encounter than the one I see on the feeder.

If you take the seeds from a green bean, they will be small and pink. When the bean dies, the seeds grow larger and turn black and purple in color. I think it’s so beautiful.

These two books were birthday gifts and I look forward to delving into them. The garden basket was a nice present from my adult violin student. She and her husband are avid gardeners and have invited me to visit their garden. I admired their garden baskets that her husband had made. Over the next week she brought out a redesigned one for me!

And now the edibles … figs

Cantaloup melon


coming soon … grapes and plums!

It was a particularly good year for cucumbers, lettuce, kale, and tomatoes. My pumpkin (zucchini, spaghetti, delicatta and pumpkin) is not doing as well as it was last year.

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