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Coronavirus and change

Colleges, seminars, and university theology departments are reopening for a new academic year in many parts of the world. You and others who are already open for business are facing a new situation – the way things are done has changed significantly due to the coronavirus pandemic. Theological educators have to deal with this change, doing the same is not an option in most situations, and we have to deal not only with the new regulations but also with ourselves. Here are two key attitudes that will help us succeed.

I will be flexible. There’s really no option so we should make the most of it. Theological educational institutions are not islands that are immobile while the sea of ​​society rages around them. They are small boats thrown onto this sea by the prevailing wind and sometimes have to run with the tide to get where they want to go. “Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same,” but just a glimpse of history will tell you that theological education is not a stranger to change. Indeed, history shows that if they don’t change, teachers become ineffective and colleges die.

I will work from the core of my calling. Delivery systems change, what we deliver must be preserved.

  1. I am a Christian with my faith and commitment that belong to Christ. I will serve him as best I can in all circumstances, including the present changing patterns.
  2. I am a Church Teacher given to the Church to maintain the faith, guide him through change, challenge him to think hard and deep, and to comfort and care for his people, especially in the troubles of the present day.
  3. I belong to this latest generation of theological educators who stand in a tradition of two thousand years or more and who express the essential and wonderful things about theological training.
  4. I understand that effective theological education seeks to educate students (and ourselves) academically, spiritually, and personally, and for Christian ministry. and that this is best accomplished in a relationship and within a learning community.

My attitude will be to try to be as flexible as necessary in the new situation while working hard and thinking hard about how to continue to express my calling as fully as possible in these new and difficult circumstances.

Success in this task is the great concern of prayer in theological education today.

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