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September 1st has a significant meaning and evokes deep “feelings” for all who follow the wizarding world calendar. September 1st is the day Hogwarts students return for a new semester by boarding the Hogwarts Express (or the occasional flight of a Ford Anglia).

As schools in the US prepare to go back to school virtually or in some sort of hybrid model, as JK Rowling put it, “Whether you come back page by page or on the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home To be called . ”

In keeping with tradition, I tweeted @jkrowling for the sixth time in a row for advice for parents dropping their kids off on platform 9 3/4. Every year when September 1st rolls around, I tweet the same thing to JK Rowling: “Dear @jk_rowling, advice to parents sending their little ones to #Hogwarts for the first time ?! ?? #BackToHogwarts ”.

I never get an answer or advice from her, but maybe this year will be the year! Right now, as Muggle, Stephanie and I have to do our best to find out how this whole platform 9 3/4 thing works.

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