Are you updating your bathroom? Why do you need a bidet? Scandinavian

It was only a few months ago when it was almost impossible to find toilet paper. Between broken supply chains and people hoarding supplies, keeping your back hygiene up to date has been a real challenge.

Well, Europeans didn’t have this problem because they have something that a lot of Americans are confused about. The bidet!

To a lot of Americans it just seems gross to use one. Europeans think it’s disgusting not to do this. The reality is that a bidet comes in very handy, especially if you have trouble getting toilet paper again.

If you are already planning a bathroom remodel and have yours Picked sink out, then you can use and also choose a bidet.

In this article, I am going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the bidets.


Installation is easy

If you’re already thinking of remodeling the bathroom, you can take advantage of the exposed plumbing and add a bidet while you’re at it. Browse a website like Elite renovations & design can give you some great ideas for remodeling, but check with a plumber to see if you want to build in a bidet that will suit your bathroom style. There are many different models so you can easily find the style you want.

Some are like sinks that you fill up with soapy water and then do your business, but this is more convenient than many Americans are used to. There are some that shoot jets down while you sit on them, which makes it more of a hands-off process. However, the best types of bidets in terms of use and ease of installation are the toilet-bidet combos. These are luxurious with heated seats, adjustable jets set to your preferred temperature, and even self-cleaning. The best part is that it looks like a regular toilet but has the bidet as part of the seat.

You are hygienic

Many people have problems with toilet paper and don’t even realize it. They can cause urinary tract infections or develop tenderness when wiped. Bidets have a reputation for being unsanitary, but the opposite is true.

Mopping is more unhygienic and Bidets are far more hygienic. The types that use water jets allow you to get very clean without ever using your hands. Something that can’t happen when you use toilet paper.

A bidet is environmentally friendly

Toilet paper is very environmentally friendly. From the trees used in the manufacturing process to shipping, it’s not environmentally friendly at all. Even if you use recycled toilet paper, you are doing the environment a disservice. And since many people are now using “flushable wipes” that are not actually flushable or biodegradable, you can get a sparkling clean floor that wipes provide without damaging your plumbing or the environment.

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