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It may take a while before we get back to our offices with full team strength. Here are 5 key points that can help you set up your WFH at home.

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Calls will become a matter of course during the WFH. Many find it easier to quickly discuss a task over the phone than to write a long essay and waste crucial time. This is when a good pair of headphones / earphones comes in handy. Turning up the volume on your computer during a call or making a loud phone call may disturb other people around you, especially if they are also WFH. Noise-canceling ones are even better when mom decides to turn on the vacuum during one of your calls. You can continue your call without embarrassment.

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This is a must have for those suffering from neck pain or back pain. Sitting in one position for long periods of time can put enormous strain on these sensitive areas. A laptop stand is perfect that you can either clip to the bottom of your laptop or use as a stand for your laptop, especially on days when you don’t feel like sitting and working after a heavy snack or lunch. Laptop stands come in different shapes – from foldable laptop stands to adjustable plastic laptop holders. Then there are some that can hold up to two monitors, a laptop, a keyboard, etc.

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This is the other thing that you have used just as much as your laptop. Investing in a good backrest or chair that offers good lumbar support and distributes pelvic pressure can do wonders for your back. A good backrest that can be attached to your current chair or an ergonomic chair can go a long way in correcting your sitting posture and relieving back pain.

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If you are using multiple monitors or charging your phone or laptop at the same time, this is essential. A dock or hub can help you plug everything into one system or switch between computers with just one cable. Too many cables on the floor or desk can be a safety hazard for children and pets

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