Open call: Architecture and urbanism beyond COVID-19 Urban Planning

How does Covid-19 change urban planning, architecture, urban development and coexistence on a social and scientific level? What should be asked – in the crisis and beyond? The Korean Institute of Architects and the Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture Invite them to draw a map of the imaginary future together by collecting pieces that are quietly observed, recorded, and pondered on the gap between the “built city” and the “lived city” in your own city.


WHAT TO ASK? Architecture and urbanism beyond COVID19. Open call for collaborative research and proposal. Credits:

The aim of the open call is to create a forum for public debates (or discussions) that jointly respond to urban and architectural crises through new questions rather than immediate solutions, through collaboration rather than competition, and through open processes rather than results.

This open invitation to tender is process-oriented. During the time of COVID-19, a global open platform will be created on which experts, researchers and interested citizens can connect, communicate and reflect on their respective architectural and urban crises. In addition, the open platform is intended to depict the topography of the crisis in the living environment and new challenges in cooperation and in the alliance. This cooperation and alliance platform is called “What is To Asked Platform” (WTA platform).

The submission phase runs from August 17, 2020 to September 30, 2020.

Read all about the Open Call process and general conditions here.

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