Machine quilting with rulers – A new freehand quilting challenge Quilting

Whether you’ve never used a machine quilting ruler or are looking for new design inspiration, this video series is for you.

Each week I will be focusing on a different type of ruler, including straight edges, waves, arcs, cutouts, and curves. I will share tips for choosing the perfect ruler for you, share practical tips on how to use it, and show you different designs you can make with them.

As with all other Freehand Challenge quilts, I’ll show you how to use rulers on a long arm AND sewing machine, and download PDFs of quilting charts and tips to download.

The challenge doesn’t start until September 28, but I’ll be in touch shortly with more details on quilting machine quilting with rulers.

The challenge is free to take and no materials are required, but I have exclusive challenge products available to make your quilting experience a little more enjoyable. They can be pre-ordered now! Click here to see all of the Challenge products.

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