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Updated September 9, 2020

[Brisbane, Queensland, Australia]


TRANSCRIPT: Should I give away the best things on LinkedIn?

Today’s question is:

“Should I give away my best stuff on LinkedIn?”

Now there are a number of ways to think about it.

What if you Not Are you giving away your best stuff on LinkedIn?

What if you don’t? What if you just give away your mediocre, inferior items? This is obviously not a very good idea because you only have one chance to make a first impression and if it’s not a good thing people won’t give you a second chance.

So if you can’t give away inferior items that I would never advise you to give away, are you giving away your best stuff?

Yes. Give away your best stuff on LinkedIn

I urge you to say “yes” and give away your best things. The reason for this is that you can have an immediate effect and it will be beneficial and beneficial for your business.

Now, when you give away your best stuff and help people get from A to B with a particular challenge they are facing, in my experience you will be the person they look to and go from step B to C to D until complete solution.

Start her journey

The other thing to consider when giving away your best stuff is if it’s just a short template, if it’s a short video, if it’s a piece of IP, maybe high level or very high specifically, it doesn’t matter, there is just so much that people can do with it.

Yes it will be precious enough for you to take them from A to B, but what about the rest of the trip?

People will want more help then

They would like to find out more there and make use of your services. So I think you should be giving away your best stuff, not all of it, just the best bits, so people will want to do the rest of the trip with you. If you are leading with poor quality or mediocre stuff, never go to work.

Celebrity chefs give away their best things

And the classic example of this are the celebrity chefs. They give away their recipes. You can look it up on YouTube, you can look it up online. Now the fact is, you can’t use this recipe and make a meal nearly as well as you can because they are the expert. They have been doing this for decades. It is what they do every day.

Same goes for you.

Obviously, if you give a piece of IP to someone who is brand new they will not do it nearly as well as you can, which means that if they run into roadblocks or bottlenecks or need help, we will be the person at that that they turn to to guide them through this.

So I encourage you to give away your best material. That’s the reason why.

My name is Adam Franklin and we’ll see you again in the next video.


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