Meet Nicole Doz, the NYC Department of Sanitation Worker who runs on Cheerios : FOOD

Surname:: Nicole Doz
place: Staten Island, NY
How many people eat together in your home on a regular basis?? 2; Nicole and her fiance Mikey
Avoidance: Nicole says she is “a bit picky” but doesn’t avoid anything in particular. Her fiance is keto.

Nicole Doz wears lots of hats … and crowns! The self-appointed @ NYBeautyClean is a three-year veteran in the NYC Department of Sanitation, former pageant winner, cake decorator, and brunch fiend. She’ll be the first to tell you that she loves the look on people’s faces when she tells you she makes a living from a garbage truck.

If she doesn’t turn her head at DOS and defy expectations, Nicole is probably looking for something sweet – preferably for breakfast. We met with the pageant queen, who became the indispensable worker, to find out which garbage truck she eats, which carbohydrates she likes best and which talent earned her the coveted Miss Staten Island title.

How did you work for the NYC Department of Sanitation?
My father works for DOS and so does my uncle. It runs in the family! I knew I wanted to work for the city with a job that I could support myself with. I also knew I wanted to help people, but maybe not in the traditional way. When I tried it, I fell in love with it. I’m a big part of keeping the city clean and that’s very important to me. I love how shocking it is to people. I think that’s mainly because I’m feminine and look very “girlish”. People think it’s atypical for someone like me to do the job I do. I like it.

I’ve been working here for almost three years. To this day, most people tell me that they have never seen a plumbing worker. But we’re out there! I am not the only one! When I tell someone where I work, they assume I work in the office. I say, “No, I drive a garbage truck and a street cleaner.” It’s fun to see the expressions on people’s faces. I like the accessible part. I’m not the only woman and I won’t be the last.

Say it louder for the people in the background! How is a day in life
It’s funny, I don’t have a typical everyday life because my schedule changes daily. I find out my hours and where I work the day before. It makes it a little difficult to plan my life in advance. For example, I couldn’t find out today that I work from midnight until later in the afternoon. That’s the hardest part of the job. Sometimes I work as early as 5 a.m. at other times it is the night shift. Either way, it’s great for traffic!

Has work for you changed at all since the pandemic?
For the most part, it was just normal, just taking extra precautions. Most of the time we realize how important we are. We always knew we were an important part of the city’s running, but now we’re taking a step back to see how big the difference is we are making.

What do you eat when you are out for work?
My colleagues make fun of me. I bring a peanut butter sandwich every day. I don’t eat anything else. As for dinner, I’m not the greatest cook. My fiance is the cook in the house (I clean up). He likes to be more adventurous and I’m clearer!

How you do that?
He loves steaks, smokes things in our smoker, a lot of meat. And I like … Cheerios. I eat them dry – I love them so much. I’m like a five year old when it comes to food: I love rubbery fruit snacks, fries, sweets. I’ve gotten a little better at trying things since I’ve gotten older. But I have to tell him, “Maybe you’re not making things so sharp?” He’ll have a more interesting side dish and I’d rather have simple vegetables. He does his keto thing and I do my not so keto thing. I stick to my carbohydrates.

What’s the Best Kind of Carbohydrate in Your Book?
Brunch. I always get some kind of elaborate dessert, like pancakes and filled waffles. That seems to be my thing.

Have you and your fiancé ate more or less the same amount than usual in the past few months?
We definitely cooked a lot more at home. But we’re in the process of renovating our apartment so it’s a disaster right now. Because we’ve worked, we try to support our favorite local restaurants because they have such a hard time. Project Brunch is one of them and another is Beans and Leaves, a coffee shop that makes elaborate waffles. We went there for coffee on our first date.

Who is buying?
It’s a collective effort, but I usually do more of the effort. I know what we need I like to walk around the house and see what we need, make the list, tidy everything up. He pushes the car! Obviously, cheerios are always on my list, fresh vegetables, potato chips, cookies, and some kind of sweet dessert. I worked at Carvel and was a cake decorator at Stop & Shop, so that’s probably where my love for candy comes from.

So many secret talents! Speaking of which … I have to ask about your festival history. How did you get to them
I wasn’t actually a child beauty pageant. I always loved the idea of ​​Miss America as a kid, but I’ve only ever seen it on TV. When I was 18, I did some research and found out that there was a Miss Staten Island competition. From there, you could become Miss New York and then Miss America. Since it was a scholarship competition and I was going to college at the time, I decided to give it a try.

I competed for five to six years and couldn’t win for my life. When I became a plumbing worker, I sang in my garbage uniform for the talent competition “I Feel Pretty”. I think it was a hit because I won! I’ve had two different titles since then: Miss Staten Island in 2018 and Miss Big Apple in 2019. I love how I won by trying something unconventional and just being myself.

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