10 things I love on Sunday DIY

Have a good sunday friends! If you’re like me, you may lose track of today. Ha. Let this serve as a random reminder that it is Sunday. So if you can, slow down, take care of yourself, and practice mental health gratitude. These are my usual weekend destinations. And here are 10 random things I’ve been loving lately.

This photo is a batch of mango and lime lamingtons that I made from Benjamina Ebuehi’s cookbook. The new way to the cake. Lovely!

Have you already completed your “summer bucket list”? I have a few more things to hurry and do. But I crossed one out a couple of weekends ago because I was having a painting party with my mom and niece. It was so funny! I need more painting parties with friends.

I finished recently The starless sea (loved it!) and just reading Someone we know and really enjoy it. I don’t read enough thrillers so guessing who the killer is is fun.

I’ve been very happy with my skin lately. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s my age, but I suspect I was really consistent in washing and then using it that simple toner Before going to bed. I wish I knew about toner in high school or college.

Trying to be mindful of time zones and being a total fan-girl stalker to snap up a few Heidi Kenney Halloween mugs this season. They go fast when it has a start so keep your fingers crossed for me. And if it’s too early for Halloween merch for you i understand, but agree, disagree. 🙂

Baking project next weekend: these graham cracker snickerdoodles looks so good!

Is someone else using the app? Duolingo? It’s not new, I’m just new to it. I’ve brushed up on Spanish vocabulary over the past few months and I love how it teaches in a way that feels like a game.

I’ve been shaking a sidecar the most lately, but once autumn is in full swing I’ll be switching to Negronis.

And in case you’ve missed my life update lately, my beloved best dog friend, Lovers, passed away on August 19th. Since then, I’ve been very, very sad and having a hard time focusing on work or other life things. It’s been a shitty couple of weeks. BUT thank you x100 to everyone who sent me a card, flowers, social media comment, etc. It really means the world to me so thank you. -Emma

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