The heaviness of God – perfect chaos Theology

Is it advisable to reject the Christian worldview on the grounds that one does not believe that God would be as strict and punitive as the Bible presents?

Or should one accept that God causes terrible suffering and embrace the Christian worldview, even though it might be difficult to truly love God when one really knows how difficult he is for those who reject Jesus?

I have no doubt that God causes cancer and other diseases, wars, depression, etc. So I cannot find any logical argument that God would not cause terrible suffering to those who reject Jesus, even though He decides who is the elect and who is not.

Given these considerations, it seems logical to embrace Christianity and follow Jesus, although it makes life much more difficult and deeply troublesome to accept the rigor of God’s character, if my understanding of it is correct.

I am worried about becoming a cold and bitter person. But I have to go with the truth wherever it leads, even if it makes life difficult and puts me in distress. I may find some comfort in Jesus, although I don’t know if I will ever be a truly happy person or not when the character of God is as severe as my current understanding suggests.

Abraham believed the Lord and attributed it to him as righteousness.

(Genesis 15: 6)

Then notice the goodness and severity of God: severity to those who have fallen, but God’s goodness to you, provided you continue His goodness. Otherwise you will be cut off too.

(Romans 11:22)

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