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How long will it take to stage my home?

It will depend on the size of your home, what it takes to best market the property, and the experience of the dealer.

Overall, I find that an average occupied house can be staged in 8 hours or less and an empty house in 2 days or about 16-18 hours. If your house is vacant, it is best to call the stager at least 2-3 weeks prior to listing. A busy house may require less lead time based on staging needs. For best results, call the stager ASAP.

What is the home staging process for a vacant house?

Generally, the deployment can be completed within 7-14 days of the initial consultation and all necessary repairs and updates are complete.

  • consultation– – Up to 2 hours
  • Pre-staging (usually 1-2 weeks). The home seller works on the list of advisory tasks to clean, tidy up, maintain, and complete updates such as painting, replacing floors or lighting, and so on. Accessories and furniture for transportation.
  • Staging – 1 to 2 days on site.
  • De-staging 2-3 hours. Before and after the inspection and / or contract is completed.

What is the Home Staging Process for a Occupied Home?

  • consultation– – Up to 2 hours.
  • Pre-staging (usually 1-2 weeks). The home seller works on the list of advisory tasks to clean, tidy up, maintain, and complete updates such as painting, replacing floors or lighting, and so on. Optional accessories and furniture for transport.
  • Staging – Just a few hours or up to a full day. Sometimes this can be done right after the consultation.
  • De-staging (usually 2-3 hours if the seller has rented furniture or accessories). After completing the inspection and / or signing the contracts
  • Please visit my services page and call to discuss details.

What does a consultation include?

A consultation will provide you with a full list of all the steps you can take to prepare your home inside and out – regardless of whether it is vacant or occupied. With this information, a homeowner can then decide how much work they will do themselves and how much the stager should do. Recommendations include:

  • cleaning
  • De-interference
  • maintenance
  • Paint colors
  • Flooring
  • lighting
  • Placement of furniture and accessories to highlight any room or focus
  • Purchases, if necessary, for bed linen, towels or other items
  • contractor
  • Advice to keep the home show ready
  • Restrict calling
  • Preparation for the photo shoot

Can I do the staging myself?

The most effective, budget-friendly approach is to invest in a consultation with a professional stager. Follow the rabbit’s advice and do the job yourself. For best results, let the stager go back to the final review before the photos. See my article, What’s the cheapest way to successfully stage your home? Get a Home Staging Consultation.

Can my agent do the staging for me?

It is always faster and more effective to hire the right professional for the job. If your broker is not a professional stager, it is better for your bottom line to hire a professional. Wouldn’t you prefer your realtor to spend their time finding the ideal buyer for your home than stage them?

Should every house be staged?

Every home can benefit from a 2-hour home staging consultation. There is always something that can be done to increase the perceived value of your home in the eyes of the buyer. A small investment in home staging advice can increase the attractiveness of the buyer and greatly reward the final sale price.

Do I have to stage every room?

Every room in an inhabited house should be staged for a uniform appearance. For vacant houses, it is important to keep the main rooms, uncomfortable rooms and any areas that increase the selling price, such as B. to stage a potential rental unit. If rooms stay empty, buyers may wonder if you’ve already moved out or are eager to sell, resulting in low offers.

Does my broker have to be with the advice?

Some agents never attend, some always, and some only occasionally or only for a few minutes. Your agent is welcome to attend any or all of the consultations at any time. However, the real key to success is your willingness to follow the recommendations for staging.

Does the stager coordinate all contractors such as painters, maintenance workers, flooring specialists, etc.?

Stagers can recommend trusted, professional contractors. For owner-occupied homes, it is faster and more convenient for you as the homeowner to coordinate these contractors yourself. For home sellers who do not live on the property, the stager can easily coordinate everything.

Do you rent furniture and accessories so that I can stage them myself?

Most stageers are not landlords and do not offer this service separately if they are not staging your home. When staging your property, your stager can coordinate the rental of furniture and possibly rent accessories for your staging.

Is it important to find a stager who has its own inventory of furniture and accessories?

For vacant homes, the end product is most important and that the furniture matches the style, size and purpose of each room. Stagers can have or rent up-to-date furniture and accessories that are perfect for your property.

What should I look for when choosing a home stager?

Even though there aren’t any legal licensing or training requirements to become a home stager, do your homework.

An accomplished stager has good ratings, training, and proven natural talent to produce great results. Read the article on Tips for Hiring a Great Dealer.

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