Amazon Halo Band with 3D body scan and voice monitor Design

Amazon Halo Band with 3D body scan and voice monitor

Amazon was revolutionary in several ways, driving the shift from how businesses work to consumer behavior – love it, hate it, you can’t live without it, and certainly not in a pandemic! Now it’s not the first company to have founded a fitness band, but it has launched its own called Halo, which sets itself apart from the competition not by its brand name, but by a few special features. The Amazon Halo Band is $ 99.99 and the service (required for Halo’s advanced features) is $ 3.99 per month.

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Health and wellness is one of the few industries that is still thriving in unprecedented times as physical and mental wellbeing is currently a top priority for everyone. The most exclusive feature of Halo is the fact that it creates a 3D model of your body and tracks the emotional tone in your voice for an even more personal wellness journey. Technology with EQ (Emotional Quotient) capabilities is rare and is mainly used in experimental robots. The trackers in existence can probably get an idea of ​​how you feel from your heart rate, but evaluating your emotions through your voice is new to wearables. Another thing that sets it apart from others on the market is that it doesn’t have a screen to show that Amazon wants to focus less on exercise than on lifestyle changes. “In addition to cardio, sleep, body fat, and voice tone tracking, a Halo subscription offers a range of ‘laboratories’ developed by partners. They’re short challenges aimed at improving your health habits – like meditating, improving your sleeping habits, or starting basic exercise routines, ”the team says. To be clear, it is not a medical device!

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While it offers the basic functions of a fitness tracker, it lacks some general additional functions such as GPS, cellular functions and WiFi, which reinforces the point that this is not just another device that gives you notifications, but a personal device that focuses on the essentials of your wellbeing and your healthy habits. The band connects to your phone via bluetooth and has an app that allows you to track and save all your data. Halo includes an accelerometer, temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, two microphones with on / off controls, and an LED indicator light. Interestingly, the microphones are not supposed to speak to Alexa, but rather track the emotional tone of the user’s voice, which is what makes them so special in the field of fitness bands. It was also stated that the user’s voice is not heard by any human or stored on a server. “It picks up the pitch, intensity, rhythm, and tempo of your voice and then categorizes them into ‘notable moments’ for you to review throughout the day. Some of the emotional states include words like hopeful, excited, hesitant, bored, apologetic, happy, worried, confused, and loving, ”the team says.

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Amazon conducted an in-house study before claiming that smart scales that try to measure body fat using bioelectrical impedance are not as accurate as their scan. The other amazing feature is the 3D body model – uses your smartphone camera to capture a 3D scan of your body and calculate your body fat for more accurate reports. Once the scan is done, your data (the photos you click on to scan) will be permanently deleted from Amazon’s servers to ensure privacy and security. It is recommended that you use the Body Scan feature carefully on individuals with body dysmorphic disorders, anorexia, or other self-image problems. The function of scanning bodies is also only permitted for people over the age of 18. To make sure you don’t get obsessions, you can only scan yourself every two weeks. Amazon also doesn’t allow the slider to show dangerously low levels of body fat, and it does include information on how little body fat can increase your risk for certain health problems. It is designed in such a way that users can wear the Halo-Band at any time: the battery should last a whole week and the sensor is water-resistant to 5 ATM or as Amazon calls it – “swimproof”.

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Halo seems like the perfect middle ground for those who want to start their health and wellness journeys without focusing too much on exercise alone. Halo has all of the features of tracking activity as well as sleeping, but adds another dimension with its emotional appeal. Also make sure to check creative gifts for men.

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