5 Signs It’s time to put your home up for sale Scandinavian

5 Signs It’s time to put your home up for sale

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29th August 2020

Staging your home

The coronavirus pandemic may have stopped sellers from listing their homes for the past few weeks, but things are starting to change. In fact, the Toronto property market is pretty hot right now, with both sellers and buyers active in the housing market across the city and in the GTA.

If you’ve been thinking of selling, is now the time to sell? Are you ready to part with your home for a new one?

Here are some signs it is time to put the sale sign on your property.

The market is hot

If homes in your community are selling fast and the prices they are selling at are very healthy, the market is hot and ready for sellers to take advantage of it. In such a market, you are more likely to sell quickly and for more money.

As mentioned earlier, the Toronto real estate market is hot right now. In fact, July sales were up 29.5% year over year, which is amazing considering the pandemic we are currently going through. With all of this in mind, now may be a good time to sell.

Mortgage rates are low

When prices are low, buyers have a greater incentive to enter the property market to take advantage of those low prices. This means that they are looking for a new home, which can increase the demand for housing. This is always a good thing for salespeople.

Currently, interest rates are extremely low and near historic lows. With that in mind, now may be a good time to list your home and take advantage of any interested buyers in the market.

Your neighborhood is no longer right for you

When you first bought your home, your neighborhood was possibly one of the most appealing aspects of the property. But by now things may have changed for you, and your community may no longer match your changing lifestyle. If that’s the case, it may be time for something new.

They need more (or less) space

Whether you have a growing family or want to shrink your adult children as you leave the nest, the size of your home may no longer be suitable for you. In that case, moving might be right for you so that you can find a home that better suits your lifestyle.

Renovating the house might not make sense

If you’re looking for more space, you may have considered doing a remodel or renovation to add more usable space to your home. In many cases, however, the return on investment may not be as high as the cost of such a large project. In many cases, it may make more sense to spend that extra cash on a move.

Do you need help staging your home?

When you feel it’s time to make a list, it’s time to put your home in the spotlight to make it more appealing to the mass of buyers. Then Hope Designs is ready to intervene. Call today and book your no-obligation consultation!

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