Teachers should not be forced to teach in empty classrooms Mother

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Every day we get one step closer to schools on the east coast as others do so again already open and were already forced to change their plans. Students, teachers and staff face the possibility of putting their lives at risk, and teachers need to learn to raise children in ways they have never taught before – remotely.

In Massachusetts, teachers are expected to teach their classes from far To students who are supposed to learn from the safety of their own home every day from teachers who are in their classrooms – in the school building.

The thought of having teachers in their classrooms instead of teaching from home? Well, according to Jeff RileyMassachusetts Education Officer: “Distance learning will instill familiarity in students by seeing a classroom setting on screen and will help students transition back to face-to-face teaching.”

I don’t see how a zoom background will make it easier for children to go back to face-to-face classes during a pandemic when they haven’t been to school since March and come back to the classroom with masks and plexiglass barriers and no lunch or peer barriers -to-peer interactions. Children don’t care whether their teacher is in the home office or in the classroom.

But they probably do Concern for the health and wellbeing of their teachers, and the least risk environment for teachers, is in their home, isolated from other people outside of their quarantine bubble. Not only that, but what many fail to realize is that many teachers have children of their own who may not return to the classroom either. Forcing teachers to look after their children so they can sit in an empty classroom will only increase the spread of the virus in the community and prolong this pandemic for everyone

When it’s time for everyone to get back to class, teachers can get back on too. You can do it.

We have the opportunity for students and teachers to build new muscles while studying and teaching. Ryan Stanley, technology director of Alaska’s Educational Resource Center, reports in an EdWeek items“When a school tries to do what it did, as they used to do, and take it up at a distance, they are missing out on the opportunity.”

With some states staying closed and some schools only opening to close, many teachers are learning what distance learning really is (and what isn’t) and what works (and what doesn’t) for their students. Students and teachers learn to connect and communicate in new ways. There’s a learning curve there for everyone. It’s not ideal for all children, to say the least, and most teachers will tell you that they can’t wait to get back to normal in-person lessons with their loved ones.

But the numbers don’t lie, and in many states the number of positive COVID-19 cases continues to rise in some ways, be it from college parties or fall sports training or school reopenings. We’re doing something wrong here, including obliging some teachers to teach from empty classrooms for a purpose that cannot be explained.

Massachusetts Teachers’ Association President Merrie Najimy is helping shed light on the subject. “It’s not just paternalistic and shows their fundamental lack of trust in a woman-dominated area to know how to do their job best – it’s punishable,” explains Najimy in one interview with reporter Carrie Jung on Edify.

There are safer options for everyone and getting back to the classroom as if COVID-19 were just going away, leaving us all wallowing in some sort of purgatory we shouldn’t be in, and almost guaranteeing us another Curfew this autumn. When students study remotely, their teachers should not be forced out of quarantine and into the classroom. They deserve safety and respect, and their virtual lessons can be taught from home.

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