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I want to share more of the lovely fabric postcards (here is how i do mine) that I received this summer. Where is the time going? I apologize for being overdue on posting!

Fabric postcard by Joyce for Judy Gula from Artistic Artifacts

My offer is an ongoing offer: send me a handmade fabric postcard and you will receive something in return: Check out my creative clip for my challenge for those interested in trade! But remember, you must provide your full name and specifically your address so that I can send mine back to you! I am sad to report that I have had several cases where I cannot return the favor for this reason. (Email me if you forgot to include your address!)

Fabric postcards by Joyce for Judy Gula from Artistic Artifacts

Joyce said she enjoyed this challenge – and it shows when she treated me when she was three! Your cute Collie Flower opened this post and above are her wonderful patchwork postcards.

Cloth postcard by Lee for Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts

Lee used beautiful tie-dye fabrics and added lovely freehand quilting to embellish them – the blues and greens are so refreshing to look at in this summer heat.

Cloth postcard by Sally for Judy Gula from Artistic Artifacts

Another wonderful cool color combination of fabrics put together and quilted by Sally.

Cloth postcard by Karen for Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts

Karen shares my love for fabric edging! Don’t they make the best stripes? (Karen, if you read I need your last name and mailing address!)

Fabric postcard by Paula for Judy Gula from Artistic Artifacts

Paula thanked me for “this inspiring challenge. I’ve made eight cards to share so far! “Nice to hear that Paula and I bet your recipients will be happy that your postcards brighten up their mailboxes!

Fabric postcard by Laura Jane for Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts

Laura Jane wrote that “despite my self-taught skills, this was a great thing. During this crazy pandemic season, it was a creative walk that offered a break … thanks for your store and passion! “

For the first time, fabric postcards from Susan in the upper left were sent to Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts

Susan posted this photo on her Instagram page with the comment “I have just finished my first freely movable, quilted postcard thanks to the coaching of Judy Gula at #ArtisticArtifacts. As with everything, I’ve learned a lot about what I’ll do differently next time. It was SO have fun. Instructions can be found online on AA’s blog. ”
One of those beauties came to me with this sweet message from her: “I will always be grateful for your support, your laughter, and your willingness to encourage me to do things I think I can’t.” I love like her Cyanotype fabrics Look combined with rusted fabric and commercial cotton.

Fabric postcards from Betsy True

Ready for more inspiration? Betsy That’s right used ours #ShareonSat Hashtag, posting on Artistic artifacts Creative Minds Facebook Groupthat she “played with fabric postcards using some of my Asian themed fabrics that I have collected over the years; Cut out elements and collage them on more interesting backgrounds. ”

Fabric postcards from Betsy True

This is a great idea for large format fabrics or panels of fabric!

Paper collaged postcard by Linda for Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts

And of course not to have Use fabric. Linda created this embellished collaged postcard using paper and card, but she is also a talented fiber artist. “Thank you for looking after me material and Thread,Linda wrote: “And talking to me online during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. I definitely miss seeing you all! ”

We also miss a lot of our customers and friends, Linda. Fortunately, we can all connect with each other through social media to check in and share. If you have not yet subscribed to our newsletter, you can do so Here. Please join our Creative Minds Facebook group as well as visiting our Save Facebook Page, Instagram, and Pinterest Boards. Plus ours Youtube channel offers video tutorials and more!

Obtained additional fiber art from Judy Gula at Artistic Artifacts

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