Meet our new Executive Director Us Immigration

Dear HILSC Community:

We have a very exciting announcement!

Earlier this year, with the help of an amazing search committee, we started looking for a new CEO to run the collaborative. During this process we have been fortunate to work with so many dynamic change makers from Houston and across the country. In the end, one person had the strategic vision and experience to usher in a new era in the future of our collaboration.

We are very excited to announce Zenobia Lai as the new Executive Director of the Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative.

Click here to watch a video and learn more about Zenobia and her vision for our organization and network.

At a time of great uncertainty for our community and our country, we salute Zenobia’s leadership. She brings incredible experience both as a lawyer and as an immigration law attorney and attorney. From reporting on human rights issues as a journalist in Hong Kong, to advising and assisting grassroots organizations in Boston, to running the St. Frances Cabrini Center for Legal Aid for Immigrants as Vice President of Immigration Legal at Catholic charities in Houston, Zenobia has always had an unwavering commitment shown for the rights of immigrants.

“The HILSC Board of Directors and Executive Committee are proud to have Zenobia as the next Executive Director, as she understands complex challenges, including legal issues, faced by migrant families and is willing to challenge restrictive policies and practices. Zenobia is ready to listen and work with partners to achieve HILSC’s goals. She understands the history of the movement and has remained committed and resilient even in the most difficult times. She sees the interfaces and barriers that marginalized and vulnerable populations face and understands the work to support these communities as part of a larger movement for racial justice. Their views are combined with years of experience in partnerships and community interventions, ”said Dalia Castillo-Granados, Chair of the HILSC Executive Committee.

Zenobia brings resolute energy to our mission to advocate for the inclusion, justice and justice of immigrants by uniting and strengthening various allies, developing holistic legal services for immigrants, and supporting creative initiatives through principled, value-based collaboration.

HILSC comprises more than 80 partners, members and stakeholders in the greater Houston area. More than 1.6 million immigrants live in our city. We envision a region that respects and promotes their rights, regardless of documentation or national origin. With Zenobia in the lead, HILSC will continue to fight for the dignity, safety and wellbeing of the immigrant community in Houston.

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