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In addition to the color in which the walls should be painted, customers often ask me whether the cladding needs to be painted white or whether it matches the color of the wall. I feel like we’re used to seeing a white border, but it’s not a hard and fast rule, it’s just something we keep seeing think is a “rule”.

Here are 8 examples to use as inspiration to prove that you can paint the walls and use the same color in your home. In the end, you will get an elegant result that will look amazing in any room and with any type of decor you choose.

Life in the south

Matching white walls and moldings

Since the cladding is painted classically white, a perfect option to match your cladding to your wall color is when you paint your walls white. If you paint your siding a different color when you have white walls, you may feel like you are living in an outline and be quite irritating.

If you paint the walls, paneling and ceiling all white, the other parts of your room take center stage. They give your room a clean backdrop so your furniture, artwork and statement pieces can really pop.

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Hide ornate ornament

If you have an ornate trim but want a more modern, clean look in your room, you can paint the walls and use the same color to reduce the trim. When you paint walls and decorate them with the same color, the eye will flow through the room, making the style of the cladding more difficult to see as if it contrasted with the color of the wall.

Make something stand out

Just as you can use color to get your eye to make it all fit together, you can also use it to highlight a specific element of your space. If you want to highlight something, paint the rest of the room, leaving that point out to highlight it in a different color.

Perhaps you have beams on your ceiling, moldings or a unique wall niche that you want to take center stage. Paint everything else the same to make it fade away as you put the spotlight on your room’s unique architecture.

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The Zoe Report

Open a small room

If you have a small room and you paint the walls and cut the same color, it actually feels bigger. Your eye does not have a marked “end point” as it does when your walls are one color and your cladding is another. Take it to the next level and paint your ceiling the same color as well. If the color is bright enough or the accents in the room are bright enough, it doesn’t feel like a cave at all.

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The home depot

Cabinets feel built in

Painting your walls, paneling, and built-in shelves the same color will give your space an even color palette so you can choose which elements to highlight. The same goes for your shelves. If you paint them the same color as the walls and siding, the structure of the fixtures will fall off so you can only see what is on them.


Masking wood paneling

Wood paneling can be a modern touch to your space if handled well. Adding a coat of paint to your wood paneling is an easy way to update the paneling so your space doesn’t feel dated or outdated. If you paint the cladding the same color, the wood cladding will be less noticeable.

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Best of Decorator – WordPress

I’m going into drama

You may want to match your wall and trim color if you want a dramatic, over the top look. Think the opposite of everything knows everything. Deep emerald, plum, merlot … a monochromatic room in jewel tones (or a rich color) is a statement and I’m here for that! If you want color inspiration, This post was written with furniture in mind, but it has a variety of eye-catching hues that you might want to try adding depth and drama to your space.


Holding the design together

Some designs just look better with the walls and paneling painted the same color. That way you won’t break up the visual lines of your room. it keeps everything coherent and seamless. It looks elegant and draws attention to the entire space so you can experience the design, not the individual elements that make it up.

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Apartment therapy

Using matching wall and decorative paint can be such an elegant and unique way to give your space a fresh feel. With just one coat of paint, you can hide or highlight almost anything in your room. And if you don’t like it, you can always paint it!

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