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The winners of the Visa lottery 2021 were announced by the Consular Office (BCA), a division of the US State Department. Egypt, Russia, Iran, Algeria, and Sudan topped the list in terms of the number of immigrants granted visas through the lottery, with approximately 6,000 immigrants from each of those countries represented. Understanding how the Visa lottery system works can provide additional help to immigrants planning to enter the United States through this method.

The Visa Lottery 2021

The Visa Lottery Immigration Scheme, also known as the Diversity Lottery, is designed to enable immigrants from six geographic regions to live and work in the United States. The number of admitted immigrants is limited to 55,000 in any given year. Each country represented in the Visa lottery is also limited to seven percent of the total number of people accepted. The BCA has informed around 132,000 participants in the 2021 Visa Lottery that they can apply for a visa. This larger number is intended to compensate immigrants who may not apply for a visa for the lottery despite being selected in the random computer draw.

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The 2021 Diversity Lottery received more than 6.7 million entries, including approximately 11.8 million potential immigrants to the United States. The likelihood that a person will get a visa through the lottery is very high. In many cases, finding another method of obtaining a green card with the help of an immigration attorney in Miami is the best course of action for immigrants in our area. Your Miami immigration attorney will review the options available to you and provide you with the guidance and legal assistance necessary to achieve your goals in the most practical and positive way possible.

When you need a knowledgeable and compassionate Miami immigration attorney, Pozo Goldstein’s experts can provide you with the assertive representation and support you and your family need to live and work in the United States. Our team can help you make the process of applying for diversity lottery visas more effective. We also provide legal assistance with visa overruns, deportation procedures, citizenship applications and many other aspects of immigration to the United States. Call us today at 305-856-0400 to arrange a free initial consultation with our team. We’re here to help you pursue and protect your own version of the American Dream.

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