Why should senior care agencies in Vancouver, BC consider hiring overseas caregivers? Canada Immigration

As one of the home senior care agencies in Vancouver, BC, nobody can tell you to hire caregivers overseas. You can’t expect to follow right away. As a company, you need evidence, right? Let these numbers work for you.

The lack of home care workers and support workers

A report from SafeCare BC pointed out the lack of home care and support. In a similar survey, over 87% of domestic workers said their organization was low on staff. Almost three quarters believed that the number of workers will not be enough in the next three to five years. Chronic deficiency refers to professions that provide direct customer service: care workers and home helpers. This problem is particularly critical inland and on Vancouver Island.

In another report by the BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) states the province lacks an estimated 2,800 caregivers for senior assisted living and home health care providers.

High attendance rate

Aside from scarcity, there is another threat to home care businesses: caregiver turnover. Home Healthcare News reported that the nursing staff turnover rate averages between 40% and 67% each year. The nurses usually stay for around 15 months. However, many home care facilities can only keep their employees for a maximum of 12 months.

The booming senior population in BC

Problems are becoming more apparent due to the booming aging population. By doing same BCCPA report“By 2031, roughly one in four people in BC will be over 65, and the number of seniors aged 80 and over will double between 2011 and 2036.”

The Demand for Senior Care Services

Because of these problems, the demand for elderly care services is increasing. In fact, it is expected to increase over the next decade. This includes home support, long-term care and assisted living. From 2020 to 2025 The elderly care industry is becoming the fastest growing industry in BC

The shortage of home care and support workers, the high caregiver turnover rate, the booming senior citizen population in BC, and the demand for senior care services are enough reasons for you, as one of the home senior care agencies in Vancouver, BC, to consider hiring caregivers overseas. The Home Support Worker Pilot lays the foundation – it’s easier. You just have to start the process. Talk to a Vancouver Immigration Advisor now who is an expert in providing services to senior home care agencies in Vancouver, BC. Or, request a copy of Sure Immigration’s Smart Planning Ahead eBook 1 and learn more about the Home Support Worker Pilot.

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