Top 5 Reasons for Choosing a Landscape Architect Garden Design



When planning a garden design project, a landscape architect can create a bespoke, creative, and unique garden design that blends in with the surrounding landscape and architecture. The terms landscape architect and garden designer are often interchangeable. In the context of this article, we use the term landscape architect to identify a skilled designer with extensive experience and knowledge of both horticulture and tough landscaping and techniques. A landscape architect has the in-house resources to implement these designs at the highest level. A landscape designer uses a range of hard and soft landscape elements to create and build imaginative, beautiful, and uniquely tailored experiences. This differs from some gardeners, whose knowledge, experience, and resources are limited to plant designs and smaller, less demanding landscaping projects. Here we look at the top five reasons to hire a landscape designer.

1) Not just a plant designer.

Landscape architects are skilled and experienced in implementing a wide variety of design techniques and materials to ensure that each and every component is thought through both functionally and aesthetically. They have the knowledge and experience to ensure building materials and plants and to jointly create atmospheric functional living spaces that extend from the inside out. A multi-faceted approach is followed, in which every design element from hard landscaping, garden planting, lighting design and drainage is combined into a unique, breathtaking and beautiful garden design.

2) Creativity married to skilled execution

Having a garden designer with control and experience over all aspects of the design project means that everything has been designed as a whole to achieve an outstanding bespoke design and finish. Hiring landscapers with little or no connection to the landscaping project could result in the final design being implemented poorly and executed to a lower standard than planned. A garden designer can create a beautiful garden design but does not have the experience to consider it in the context of other elements such as drainage, lighting design, and structural integrity. This could cause costs to spiral out of control. Award-winning creativity and design are at the heart of a beautiful garden, but this must go hand-in-hand with award-winning execution including plants and built surroundings.

3) No gaps between concept and delivery

Hiring a landscaping team to manage every aspect of the project ensures that the entire team works together as one team. A landscaper’s team has experience in working together and takes on double responsibility. If something goes wrong, no outside contractor can be held responsible. Having separate designers, horticulturists, and craftsmen can lead to deficits and a consistent vision and quality that slide back and forth between the gaps. A team, a build, and a beautiful design should be the ultimate goal!

4) High quality planting and construction

Landscape architects are experienced in both planting and building, making sure that every element is carefully checked and finished to the highest standard. Dramatic towering plants that stand in front of a breathtaking architectural structure and are illuminated with clever lighting design create a cohesive overall design. Rest assured that every aspect maintains the same high quality finish done by a professional team.

5) Seasoned professionals with accreditations, awards and stunning folio

A skilled landscape architect is always ready to show you his folio with recent examples of his work. A folio shows how designs are created and what the end results are. Talk to previous clients and ask them how their project went. A professional and experienced team will be happy to discuss any accreditations or awards they have received. This is proof of their high quality design and workmanship recognized in their industry. When doing such a large project, you want highly skilled professionals with the knowledge and experience, accreditations and awards to give you the peace of mind that the company is not an amateur. Landscape architects strive for the highest possible standard and will enjoy creating a garden design that is both aesthetically and functionally exciting and easy to maintain for the months and years to come.

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