Move to End Violence Team is hiring a director of communications and strategy for digital media Domesic Violence

The Move to end the violence (MEV) Team at The Raben Group is looking for a Director of Communication and digital media strategy. This is an opportunity for a highly skilled leader to lead processes of content creation and dissemination across multiple channels that expand the diverse work of our beloved community in a value-driven manner and with a justice lens. The “Move to End Violence” program will be discontinued in mid-2023. We hope to find a team member who feels obliged to stay with us until the end of the initiative.

The core tasks include:

  • Strategic communication
  • Relationship building
  • Digital engagement
  • Media work and public relations

MEV seeks to focus on the leadership of black and indigenous women, as well as other women of color, including cis and trans women, as well as gender-violent women and others most affected by gender-based violence in the country.

Find out more about the position and how you can apply.

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