Affordable housing to replace the Bricks Club building in the Depot District Urban Planning

Depiction of the West Central Station, 600 W on the right. Courtesy Architecture Belgique.

At 200 South and 600 West, a key axis in downtown Salt Lake City’s west, only one corner can be actively used.

The warehouse in the Depot District known as Bricks Club, to the southeast at 579 W 200 S, was an LGBTQ-friendly space with independent live music. It was also known as Club Sound and In the Venue.

This will be the first corner to be redeveloped.

Bricks / Club Sound / At the venue, 200 South and 600 West in the Salt Lake City Depot District. Image courtesy of Google Earth.

Gardner-Batt and Architecture Belgique are building a 65-unit project that mirrors the “sister building” (currently under construction) to the east. 52 of its units are bound to 25-50% AMI. The other 13 will be market line, in an area that has some of the highest rents in town.

The project is currently being reviewed in the town hall.

Project specifications

The West Central Station is designed as a podium + five with 34 parking spaces that meet the parking requirements of the G-MU zone of 0.5: 1.

It will offer 4 bedroom studios, 80% of which will meet the housing needs of people earning 50% or less from AMI. Known as “deeply affordable” units of the project are the result of 9% tax credits granted to Gardner-Batt in December 2019.

Exceptions requested

The developers are calling for some exemptions from the code requirements for outdoor building materials, commercial uses on the ground floor, and bans on empty walls on the ground floor over 15 feet.

North and West views. Above 200 S. Below 600 W. Courtesy Architecture Belgique.

Architecture Belgique project manager Eric Balls explains in the application that the first floor resident-only gym and leasing office would meet the intent of the commercial requirement of the ground floor zone for 200 South, a street specifically mentioned in the code.

Balls writes: “The 600 W fitness area would appear as a gym, the leasing office and lobby would appear as commercial office space, and the club room with kitchen and fireplace could appear as an upscale restaurant.”

Over the area in the Depot District. Image courtesy of SLC Planning.

It is proposed that the blank wall at 600 West, required by the design of the parking pedestal, be softened with a 115 x 9 foot mural to be combined with similar works of art at Central Station East.

“We look forward to your review and approval of this project in its current form”, Balls concludes his statement to the city.

Central Station West rendering. Oddly enough, 600 W (right) is represented as a pedestrian or pure bicycle street, which is definitely not the case at the moment. Courtesy Architecture Belgique.

The developer also plans to deliver four new street trees and remove overhead lines to 600 W.

The project is on its way to the planning committee and is currently receiving comments in the Open-door day.

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