Make these simple face art planters DIY

Another day, another experiment with painting!

I have to admit, I’ve never been particularly good at drawing. That’s probably why I stayed away from the line art trend … until now! I wanted to try (literally) paint faces, and when The icon I was asked to put together some easy DIY ideas for the home. I knew this was one that I wanted to address. The best part was discovering that it wasn’t that difficult, even for someone who can’t really draw faces. Read on how I did it and watch the video.

You can shop for some of my favorites at The Iconic Here. In the video I am wearing this rope and these jeans.

In the video I am wearing this rope and these jeans.

You need

What you will need is a flower pot, some contrasting paint, a slim brush, and a pen and paper to practice on. For these pots, I prepainted them using my clay effect painting method, and prepainting is a good idea so that you can easily fix any mistakes you make.

How one

  1. The first step is to practice drawing some areas of the stroke. I have to say I am definitely not an artist and practice has helped me find the right perspective.
  2. Next, grab your planter. Using a piece of chalk or pencil, lightly sketch your design. You can wipe it off if you are not satisfied with it. Pay attention to the relative sizes of the eyes, nose, and mouth and don’t be afraid to start over if you don’t like it.
  3. Once you’re happy with the shape, it’s time to paint! Take this part slowly and paint over the face that you have marked. I found it useful to rotate the planter so you can make nice strokes for lines. If you make a mistake, you can cover it up with your base color or paint it over completely and start over.

Voila! Such a simple project that will add so much personality to your space!

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