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Now that the late tax season for accountants and other business people is largely over, the real work is just beginning! I am referring to showing your customers that they still need you to run their businesses.

Taxes are of course an important part of your services, but now is the time to show how much more you can offer. Here are three things you can do after tax to add value to your customers.

1. Become an industry expert

The more you know about the specific industries your small business customers do business in, the more valuable you become to them. Now that the busy season is over, it’s a good time to learn more about these industries.

It doesn’t matter if your customers own B2B or B2C businesses. When you know how their industries work, your accounting business will be essential year round – not just at tax time. Industries are constantly changing and new regulations are introduced frequently. But this year it’s more than that – everything is in flux.

Your customers may have had to move from brick-and-mortar to online sales Or they are still dealing with remote employees who live in other states. The more you know, the easier it is to help them navigate the changes in their business and the faster you will gain their loyalty.

As you acquire this new knowledge, you need to educate customers. Posting on social media is an effective way to do this. LinkedIn is a great platform for establishing B2B connections. So make sure you post regularly. Join industry groups on the platform and answer questions members may have about industry and market changes.

You can also make a name for yourself as an expert by “curating” and sharing interesting content from other sources relevant to your prospects and current customers.

You can also “show off” your expertise by posting relevant content on your website, in your newsletters, through social media profiles, and through webinars or videos posted on your YouTube channel. Encourage viewers to reach out to you with questions. The more you interact, the faster you will build your company’s reputation as an industry expert.

2. Connect through technology

There’s an app for almost anything you can think of, including apps to connect accounting professionals with their clients.

Sample app screenshots for MyFirmsApp

One way to use apps efficiently and effectively is to ask what apps your customers are using in their business, and then learn how you can use the same apps to make it easier for them to access your customers’ financial information and provide advice and information Get insights. Customers can control the specific information they want to share, so you can ensure that confidentiality is secure.

You can also create a custom app for your accounting business simply by using one of the many app developers out there. App companies like MyFirmsApp can help accounting firms develop custom apps with data collection capabilities, from mileage tracking to receipt storage. You can also send notifications and reminders to customers when appointments are approaching.

Make sure to check the app’s security system before allowing access to sensitive client information. Let the app developer or your own tech expert regularly review the coding to analyze possible vulnerabilities.

3. Create partnerships

The more services you can offer your customers, the more helpful you will be to them. Rather than having to seek help on different aspects of their business, customers will appreciate your company as a “one-stop shop”.

Think of your company as your customers’ chief financial officer. What other services can you offer to make your business more valuable to them and help their businesses thrive?

Companies are always looking for other companies to work with. Save time by doing the review and creating a referral network of companies like graphic designers, social media professionals, lawyers, etc. to recommend to your clients. Make sure the companies you refer to also pass your accounting services on to their customers. You can even offer customers discounts or other special offers to sweeten the deal.

Better yet, consider partnering with another company so they can provide additional services. The CorpNet partner program offers your customers company formation and compliance services in all areas, from brand search and business licenses to foreign qualification services.

You can register as a referral partner or offer the services to your clients under the name of your accounting firm and have CorpNet act as a silent partner. With CorpNet you not only increase the value of your company, but also add new sources of income. Find out how we can help you today!

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