USCIS vacation is delayed until October Us Immigration

USCIS has announced that due to an “unprecedented” increase in sales, the source of which is unclear, it wouldn’t go on with the vacations previously planned for August 30, 2020 – at least not until the end of the financial year (October 1, 2020).

USCIS Assistant Director of Policy Joseph Edlow said this will come at a cost. USCIS will cut support activities and expects this to result in longer waiting times for case inquiries and longer turnaround times for status and naturalization case adjustments (a problematic issue in an election year). Average wait times for calls to USCIS to fix errors made by the agency have increased under the Trump administration.

However, the agency found that the naturalization ceremonies are continuing.

As of June 2020, USCIS has threatened 13,000 employees (two-thirds of its workforce) due to an alleged but unexplained budget deficit for this paid agency.

The previous deadline for receiving $ 1.2 billion from Congress to ward off vacation days was August 30, 2020. The House had approved emergency funding (including increasing the premium processing cost to $ 2,500 per case) The Senate has yet to act.

Congress wanted to avoid this level of operational cuts. USCIS has reiterated that a return to “normal” operations is not possible without the requested financial assistance. Remember, USCIS had unprecedented delays and arrears even before discussing these financial issues.

When the new October 1, 2020 deadline expires, Jackson Lewis attorneys will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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