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There are five sense organs in the human body. Of those, the work of eyes and ears is very important. But someone always thinks that these organs will be useless if there is no light and no sound. Without light we cannot see anything and what is the work of our ears when there is no noise. Therefore, sound and light play a very important role in the human world, without them people cannot do work. The sound and the light are a source of information because without light human eyes cannot see and read and without sound nothing can be heard by human ears. So light and sound play a fundamental role in human life. Lights on one side brighten our lives, while sounds fill our lives with joy. Lights are used so important that without them we cannot see, our houses go dark without them, we cannot read, study, eat, we cannot do anything without light. Light stuffs our lives with happiness and makes our lives shine and brighten. Similarly, sound also makes our lives full of sounds and music. Only with the presence of sound can we communicate with others and share our feelings. Sound is created by vibrating objects and these vibrations create tremendous music, melodies, and various kinds of sounds. Sound and light fill our lives with joy and enthusiasm.

Light and sound from a scientific point of view

Both light and sound are a form of energy, but each has its speed level. Since both sound and light are a form of wave, light moves at a much faster speed than the speed of light. In physics it is said that light travels a million times faster than the speed of sound, rather than light being the fastest wave among all types of waves. The light can move anywhere it does not need a travel medium, as light can move in a vacuum, while sound needs a travel medium such as air and water. Science defines light as electromagnetic radiation, while sound is the vibration that moves through air, water and solid objects. Light and sound are both waves, light is a transverse electromagnetic wave while sound is a longitudinal wave. Scientists around the world use these two waves in much scientific research and development. Both light and sound are very important, and both have an enormous number of uses when exploring the world through their visual and hearing senses.

Use of light

In science, light is defined as a transverse wave and is a form of kinetic energy. In our daily life, we know how useful lights are in our lives as they illuminate our lives. Light plays a very important role in human life. Light makes all things and objects around people visible and lets them explore the different colors of the world. Our eyes are useless without light as we can see the world only because of the presence of light. The natural provides the greatest source of light and that is the sun. The sun is the ultimate source of light. Sunlight is very important for the survival of living organisms, because without sunlight the photosynthesis process does not take place and if this food process of plants does not take place, no oxygen is formed. Therefore, direct or indirect sunlight is very important for humans.

Sunlight can also be used to generate solar energy, which is an alternative and renewable environmentally friendly energy source. Since the light is generated by hot objects and such a light generating object is the laser, lasers are used for various purposes due to their bright light, for example, in a computer, in medicine and industry, and in factory production.

Lights are also considered a symbol of good luck, and light is also used for decorative purposes. Whether as a decoration for the wedding ceremony, for parties or in large shopping centers or complexes – light plays an important role in making things beautiful. Festivals like Diwali cannot be celebrated without lights and people show their joy in Diwali by lighting slides, fireworks and decorating their homes with innovative lights. Lights have become an important part of interior design and decoration. The markets are full of lightning accessories and decorative materials such as candles, attractive lamps, glass chandeliers, and many of these beautiful lightning decorations are used to decorate homes, shopping malls and banquet halls. Hence, the use of lights in our lives is enormous.

Lightning also plays an important role in sporting events and stadiums. Even lights are necessary to organize events like school events, dance shows, and filming movies and daily soaps. You cannot shoot without the right lighting in the studios. Lights when transporting vehicles are also very important to avoid accidents. Wherever we go, whether in houses, offices, trains or subways and even in the car, light is necessary everywhere as it makes objects visible to the human eye.

Use of sound

From a scientific point of view, sound is a longitudinal wave that requires a medium of travel. Sounds in our daily life are very important as they fill our lives with joy and happiness through different kinds of sounds. Sounds always surround us. Since it is only because of the presence of noise that we can hear something else, when there is no noise and noise, our ears are useless. Hence, it sounds very necessary and relevant in everyone’s life.

First, the use of sounds can be traced in the music industry. An infinite number of songs and music are only created because sound energy makes this possible. It is recommended by doctors that listening to music will help reduce stress and reduce the risk of depression. And music is entirely based on the sound created from the musical instruments and the singer’s mouth. The dance industry is also incomplete without music and sounds, as it is only possible to dance with music and music from different musical instruments.

Sounds help us communicate with others and convey our feelings, as well as listening to another person. Only through sound can we communicate with our pets and various other animals. All animals have their different noises and by their different noises we can distinguish them.

Sound as ultrasonic waves can be used in hospital purposes, such as performing ultrasound tests, treating cancer and other deadly diseases. In industry, ultrasound is used to measure the thickness of metal and other objects. In schools, an alarming bell helps to set the planned timetable. Sound is essential in recording studios and theaters. Even on the street, the car’s horn to the whistle of the traffic police can be heard everywhere.

Sounds are also considered a solemn symbol. All events have their own special type of noises, depending on the type of occasion, such as birthday noises, wedding noises, spiritual noises and much more. Different sounds, melodies and music convey our feelings and become part of our important life events. Sounds are important and their meaning cannot be ignored.


Sound and light are both a form of energy and waves. Light is sound are very important and without them we cannot explore the world. Although both are different in their properties and value. Our eyes and ears work because of these two waves. The sound lets us hear while the light lets us see. Thus, both are valuable for everyone. There are various objects and things that are useless without sound and light. One such example is television, which is of no use if it has no sound or pictures that come with the light. Movies in theaters cannot be released if there is no sound or light. Sound and light are also used to present PowerPoint presentations in offices and on smartboards in schools. Without these two, all celebrations are incomplete as in Diwali we use crackers and weddings that look beautiful only because of their light and tone.

Lights in this day and age are used for enormous purposes and their scope is increasing in various fields. Lights play a very important role in interior design, as various types of lamps, decorated lightning materials and showpieces are the most preferred materials for decorating houses. On the other hand, sound is necessary for different areas of life. A dance performance is only possible due to the availability of suitable music and the sounds of different musical instruments. Music with soothing and relaxing sounds can change our mood and also helps torment our minds.

Therefore, these two sounds and lights are both very important and very relevant in our lives. Without these two human life is not possible. These two are the basic principles for a decent and comfortable life.

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