Facts don’t care about your religious feelings Theology

Ben Shapiro’s line, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”is popular with political conservatives. And it should be. It’s a good line. As of the time I write this, the tweet just linked has nearly 400,000 likes. The line and variations of it are often repeated, introduced in memes, etc.

It is noteworthy, however, how many conservatives care far less about facts and reason in religious contexts. When you follow religious discussions on political websites, on political talk radio, on political television programs, etc., you find that there is not much interest in religion and that the few religious discussions that do take place are rather superficial in nature, intellectual. There is often not much depth in their political discussions either. Most of the people who visit these websites, listen to these radio shows, etc., want someone else like Shapiro to do the intellectual work for them. But at least there is more interest in intellectual affairs and more intellectual work by lay people in political than in religious contexts. And they don’t just know more about politics than they do about religion. They also seem to know a lot more about sports, humor, movies, music, and other subjects than they do about religious matters.

Political Conservatives are better than the average American in many ways. (See the linked sources Here for some of the relevant documentaries.) Most Americans don’t care much about intellectual issues in religious or political contexts. But if political conservatives so (rightly) criticize the emotionalism of the political left and continue to show as much interest in emotions as Shapiro’s popular line shows, they should make far more effort to be consistent. Feeling that Shapiro is expressing things more in religion than politics, but people pretend the opposite is the case.

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