A trip to Lake Winnipesaukee (and my baby will be four!) Mother

We were able to spend half a week at Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. My parents had given us their timeshare, and we took over this three bedroom apartment like the overwhelmingly tall bosses we are.

We arrived on Brendan’s 4th birthday after having breakfast with Champions and opened some presents to get the party started!

Brendan, like most preschoolers, loves bubbles and has a bubble gun and one Magic wand which he enthusiastically explained to his captive audience how they worked 🙂

I made an ABC-style photo book for him about Shutterfly for my little preschooler. (You can create Your own book for free. I made a few of these as daily gifts and they are very popular!)

He wanted “Old McDonald’s with a Toy” for dinner. It was a very happy meal!

We had a stomp rocket for a long time before it became stamped Loved to death, so Brendan was glad to have TWO new stomp missiles play with.

On the second day we visited the beautiful town of Meredith in New Hampshire.

Like kids in a candy store … one of the best I’ve ever seen!

There was a waterfall in the middle of the mall – so cool!

Then we had a picnic lunch before renting canoes for the afternoon.

How beautiful is this place I could totally withdraw here.

We rented three canoes for four hours to suit everyone. Phil and I took Brendan with us. It was a cool experience, but we were all tired after rowing for half an hour. We tried to find a place to land the canoes and then go swimming in the lake. Unfortunately, there was nowhere for it. Each beach area was part of a private home or resort. We rowed around for an hour looking for a place before deciding to turn back. On the way back I saw a stretch of beach over the lake and we tried to drive there. Before we’d hugged the coast while canoeing, but now we were rowing across the lake. Don’t you know, the canoe with JP, Maggie and Xander capsized right there in the middle of the lake, where we couldn’t touch the bottom. JP and Maggie tried to turn it back over, but too much water had gotten in and it was filled and floating just below the surface of the water. Phil and I were trying to figure out what to do without getting out of our canoe for fear of not being able to get back in without capsizing. Poor JP tried so many times to turn it over, pull it while swimming, but nothing. It was sooooo hard. About 20 minutes after this ordeal, a nice family stopped on a pontoon boat to help us. The woman jumped off and she and JP tried one last time to turn it over, but they couldn’t. The husband threw out a rope, the wife tied it to one end of the canoe, and then the husband lifted it out of the water while JP, Maggie and Xander climbed onto their pontoon boat. JP helped the man finish pulling it out of the water and they could drain the water and then get back in. We all rowed back to the rental site and happily returned these canoes 2 hours earlier. JP burned nearly 1,000 calories during that time, according to his apple watch. We were all sore the next day!

On the third day, Phil, Andrew and Eamon went to play nine hole golf and Haley arrived at the apartment to visit them for the night.

She and I took the rest of the kids to Weirs Beach, where the golfers met with us later.

The weather was just beautiful! We went back to the pool in the condo and had an evening barbecue for an early dinner. Then we were showered and went to Funspot, the largest arcade in the world. We were masked a hundred times and socially distant and disinfected our hands, but we still managed to have fun!

After we got the younger kids to bed, Phil, Haley, and I snuck into a cool, sand-covered beach restaurant and docked for boats to pull up. It was a fun island experience!

On the fourth day we drove to Concord, NH to meet up with my brother’s family and drop off Andrew and Eamon who had been planning an overnight stay with their NH cousins. Then we took the rest of the children to the Christa McAuliffe Space Center. Alexander was especially excited to learn about space and the planetarium show was cute and delighted even the little boys.

A treadmill in the shuttle!

We ate our packed lunch in the car (we were very good at cooking and packing all of our meals so as not to eat out) and made our way to Canterbury Shaker Village. The website said there were outdoor tours but that was a lie. We happened to speak to a very nice gardener who gave us lots of information about the shakers. It was very interesting to hear from their celibate community. We only wandered around the country for a while before packing up for a homemade ice cream on the way back to Laconia.

Motorcycle week started that day so there were Beach Bikers all over the Weirs area. They weren’t that bad, especially considering our apartment was set back from the street. We saw a gang of bikers who had “Soldiers for Christ” on their jackets which was a nice reminder to see Christ in everyone 🙂

We went to mass and then went swimming in the evening. Brendan learned to swim so well. What a fish! We had a late dinner and it was the perfect end to a wonderful family vacation. The next morning we woke up, packed up, and went to my brother’s house. He lives ten minutes from St. Anselm’s College, so we took a car tour of the campus.

Then we drove back to Massachusetts. It’s always so nice to get away, but so nice to come back home too. Be it so humble, there is no place like home!

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