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I’ve found our son picking up and giving up things at different times and for different reasons. We can attribute it to ADHD or ASD or a variety of other things.

Over the years we have bought several educational games to interest him. We tried our hand at Minecraft about a year ago and found he had been enjoying it for a while, but it didn’t pique his interest and he was quick to give up.

Time passed and he didn’t even mention it. When our son recorded it the second time, I hoped he would be intrigued by the more educational aspects.

During the reinstallation, we discovered the new chemistry add-on. It’s part of the Minecraft Education Edition, a version of Minecraft designed for the classroom with additional features for the classroom.


We downloaded the Chemistry Edition as an add-on to the regular edition and included a laboratory, an element constructor, and an element deconstructor.

The element constructor lets you create elements based on the number of protons, electrons, and neutrons. We used our Introductory Chemistry coloring book as a reference and started creating simple chemical combinations from scratch.


We used the newly created items to make chemicals. Then to combine the chemicals and use them to create popular science experiments like new Elephant toothpaste.

We look forward to doing more experiments and finding more Easter eggs.

How do you learn your chemistry?

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