The home decor that we at Opalhouse love at our destination Women

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To be honest, a lot of the home decor and furniture in my small studio apartment is frugal – your girl is on a tight budget, okay? However, when I shop for home decor, there is one place I look more than anywhere else: destination. I could wander through Target’s home decor (with the mask on, of course) hours and don’t get bored. It gives me a surge of serotonin that few other things do.

Target has a few main home decor lines, and all of them are truly amazing. Some people love the Hearth & Hand collection by Chip and Joanna, others are fans of the classic nature of Threshold, and others are looking for the sleek modernity of Project 62. For me, however, I keep buying on one line and drooling over it again: Opalhouse. It’s bohemian and colorful, but still neutral and full of texture.

There are currently a ton of amazing pieces in the Opalhouse collection. So keep scrolling to find the items you want to add to your cart ASAP:

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