Maale Adumim | Nefesh B’Nefesh Judaism

The community coordinator provides intensive and personal support to each Oleh family, helping families find a rental property, helping with school registration and city services, buying equipment, organizing trips and programs, and much more.

All schools offer Hebrew lessons for Olim. The number of hours depends on the total number of Olim in a given year. Sometimes the lessons are combined to create a city-wide ulpan for children. Additional benefits that Olim offers when joining Maale Adumim include tutoring.

Maale Adumim Action Committee (MAC)
The Maale Adumim Action Committee (MAC) was established to support new Olim interested in moving to Maale Adumim. The committee itself is made up of people from different parts of the city, men and women, religious and secular, and is committed to helping Olim smooth out her aliyah in our beautiful city.
Contact her at [email protected]

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