An atheist review of conversations with my inner atheist Christian Philosophy

The first rating for Conversations with my inner atheist is off. Counter Apologist got a copy yesterday and checked it this morning. Wowsers, that’s quick. It’s also a very positive review. This is important because the purpose of the book is to enable Steelman to object to my beliefs. The fact that my practice passed with an atheist I respect means a lot.

Here are some selected excerpts from the review:

“I read the book in a few hours and it was exciting. Randal’s day job is a seminar professor, and the book demonstrates his teaching by illustrating complex philosophical and theological topics with easy-to-understand stories, examples, and simple good writing. “

“There will inevitably be Christians who doubt that this will remain in the faith, and if this should happen I would prefer if it had been done with the well-founded and honest arguments that Randal makes rather than the false trust that pop is -Apologetics too often instills in its beliefs readers. At least these Christians will appreciate the true nature of the debate. “

Oh yes, and I can’t forget that:

“Go and buy a copy, for God’s sake!”

I couldn’t agree more …

Read the review here.

Conversations with my inner atheist, review

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