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All you need to make these are wafer cookies, frosting, food coloring, and chocolate chips. You can also try it with waffles or crispy rice treats! Are you looking for an even simpler option? Trader Joes sells the cutest cinnamon biscuits – no DIY necessary.

2. Checklist for dry erasing

Put your daily checklist in a picture frame and use dry eraser marks to tick the boxes each day and easily erase them for the next. You can also easily hang it on the wall.

3. Celebrate the school

School, home school or virtual school – we have you! We have printouts for your home school, your home office or your school party. Join our monthly membership for unlimited downloads for less than the average price of an Etsy download. Join now!

4. Favorite school books

These are our favorite textbooks for children of all ages. We have several of them! Shop here.

5. Back to School Breakfast

Have a donut breakfast for the first day of school or a summer farewell party the day before. Keep it safe and simple by printing out some hard copies to decorate. We’ve added some school must-haves to our Amazon shop Here.

6. Daily calendar

I created this for my daughter who will be practically home at school for at least 6 weeks. I thought it would be fun for her morning routine every day. It’s easy and inexpensive to tinker with. First Take part in the confetti and download the printouts from Back to School. Then just pop the first page in a Tabletop or mounted on the wall Acrylic sign holder and cut out the rest of the pieces. Use a hot glue gun to attach Mini clothespins on the acrylic wherever it is needed. You can laminate the attachments for more durability.

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